What Pests Come Out in Spring in Timnath, CO? Insects Like Ants, Roaches & Wasps, Spiders & More

There are many benefits to living in Colorado, especially during the springtime. As the weather is perfectly warm you see more people outside, more dogs in the park, and unfortunately, more bugs in your yard and home. Though there is a plethora of pests that can easily gain access to your property, today, we at Effective Pest Services would like to share the most common spring pests noticed in Colorado.

Ants in the Spring

Causing pain and discomfort as well as feelings of annoyance, ants are a very common spring pest. Outdoor gatherings can be quickly ruined with their intrusion. Also, ants can ruin an indoor party, if your home is not properly treated for pests. In Colorado the sugar ant, carpenter ant, and pavement ant are among the most common ants. Unfortunately, there are also ants that contaminate food and even spread disease, such as pharaoh ant.

Do Roaches Come Out During Spring?

One insect you will start to see emerging are roaches now that it is warming up. German cockroaches, American cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches are the roaches likely to creep inside your Colorado home. In addition to leaving funky smells, cockroaches are known for spreading disease as they scatter across your home. Designed to attract others to your home, the cockroach smell comes from a special pheromone roaches emit. Since the roach found an ideal living situation inside your home, they use these pheromones to invite other roaches to join them.

Why are Spiders in My House this Spring?

In the fall, many spiders look for ideal places to survive the winters and in spring, you are likely to see all kinds of spiders as they become more active. To name a few, Colorado is home to daddy long legs, grass spiders, sac spiders, black widows, and the wolf spiders. Though no one wants a spider crawling across their floor or in their clothes that may be lying on the floor, spiders can be beneficial as they will keep other pests in your home under control. There are a few venomous spiders that you should be extra cautious about. With the right treatment, professionals can keep spiders under control.

Wasps in Early Spring

Wasps can move in and become a serious problem as if you have eaves, cracks in your siding, or any other openings around your home since they are looking for a place to colonize. It takes only one fertile female to get the process going as wasps colonize every spring. Being both aggressive and dangerous, wasps can be more than a nuisance. They build grand nests that become difficult to control and wasps will protect the nest. They also can be aggressive as they forage in garbage.

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When it comes to spring pests, you want to ensure your home is well protected. Make sure you seal off any cracks and gaps and contact Effective Pest Services for preventative maintenance. Also, if you are experiencing any pest infestations, call us today for pest control services.

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