Why am I Getting Mice in My House in My Johnstown, CO House this Summer & How to Keep Rodents Away

It is summer time, and it is the time of year when the kid are off school. The summertime is often full of pool parties, and barbecues, which often attracts some unwanted guests. Mice are not just a winter pest, they will plague homes and businesses all year long. Effective Pest Services would like to shed some light on why you may have a summer mice infestation and a few tips on how to control them.

Why Do I Have Mice in Summer?

You may wonder why it is so essential to focus on mice control specifically in the summer. Mice, like many other mammals, are not hibernators, but their activities do tend to slow down during the colder months. However, as the weather warms up, they become more active and breed more frequently, leading to a rise in their population. Additionally, with the onset of the summer harvest, food sources become more abundant, making your home an attractive destination for these pests.

What Will Keep Mice Away?

So, how can you prevent a mice infestation this summer? Here are a few tips that you can do to ensure you stay mice or rodent free this summer.
Seal Entry Points – Mice are tiny creatures that can squeeze through gaps and cracks as small as a dime. Regularly inspect your home for any potential entry points. Pay particular attention to areas where utilities and pipes enter the home. Use caulk, metal meshing, or a combination of both to seal these holes and keep mice out.
Maintain a Clean Environment – Cleanliness is key when it comes to preventing a mice infestation. Keep your kitchen and dining areas free of food crumbs and residue. Promptly clean up any spills and remember to secure food containers. Also, consider storing dry food and pet food in sealed metal or glass containers to deter mice.
Manage Your Waste – Keep your trash bins covered and dispose of your garbage regularly. Mice are scavengers and are attracted to trash and food waste, so it’s critical to manage your waste effectively. If possible, keep your outdoor bins as far away from your home as you can.
Trim Overgrown Vegetation – Overgrown vegetation provides an ideal hiding spot for mice. Regularly trim shrubs, trees, and other plants that are close to your home to remove potential nesting sites. Also, try to maintain a gap between any vegetation and your home’s walls. Mice will always invade the yards first and make their way into your home. Make sure to maintain a clutter free and well managed yard.
Call Pest Control Professionals – If you notice signs of a heavy infestation such as scratching noises, chewed wires or furniture, or mouse droppings it is time to call in the professionals. Pest control services can provide more extensive solutions, including the safe use of rodenticides.

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Keeping your home mice free during the summer might require some diligence, but by following these tips, you can enjoy a summer of fun and relaxation without any unwelcome guests. For reliable pest control services contact Effective Pest Services today.

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