Why Pest Control is Worth it in the Winter in Fort Collins, CO to Get Rid of Rodents & Other Active Pests

While it might seem like the bugs in your life disappear when the weather gets colder, this is not a time when you should be letting your guard down. It is important that you know that pest control can’t stop during the winter months. The pests that you deal with simply shift during the winter. There are still several pests that you will be battling throughout the winter as they attempt to make their way into your home to seek shelter from the cold. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about the importance of winter pest control, and what kind of pests you might find yourself battling this winter.

What Pests are Active in Winter?

There are plenty of pests to infest your home during the winter. Here are some that you need to be watching for:
– Rodents: One of the most common winter pests are rodents. They are going to be seeking refuge from the weather, and your house is the perfect place. They will try to get in through any holes or openings they can find to build a nest in your home.
– Wood Destroying Insects: Carpenter ants are another dangerous pest to have in your home. They will hollow out the structure of your home as they make nests. It can weaken your home and cause significant damage.
– Dormant Pests: There are several pests that might not be active in your home during the winter but will use your home as a place to winter over. Pests like flies, box elder bugs, wasps and more can be find hiding in houses through the winter.
– Spiders: While most spiders might not pose a safety hazard to anyone in your home, they are still creepy and crawly which means that most homeowners don’t want them around. There is a reason why they are such a large part of Halloween décor; these pests are most active as the weather starts to change.

Why is Pest Control Important in the Winter?

When it comes to winter pests, the best way to safeguard your home is to avoid them in the first place. It is vital for you to have pest control in place to help you keep these pests from damaging your home. Some of the ways to keep them away include:
– Sealing entry points into the house
– Storing firewood at least 25 ft from the house
– Remove any clutter from garages, basements and attics
– Eliminate any moisture problems
– Install screens in chimneys

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If you are not quite ready for the pests that fall and winter bring, you can turn to Effective Pest Services to help you keep pests out this winter. It is our goal to ensure you don’t have pests infesting your home no matter what the weather looks like outside. We will do what is necessary to protect your home from the damage of pest infestations. Call us today!

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