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Ant infestations are some of the most common pest control problems a household can face. Ants, sugar ants in particular, can pop up inside and outside of the house seemingly out of nowhere, and can turn into a big headache if properly handled. Effective Pest Services has the experience, equipment, and expertise to not only help rid your home of the ant infestation you’re currently experiencing, but help prevent you and your loved ones from experiencing future infestations. In this blog, we’ll cover the likely reasons why you have an ant infestation, our approach to providing thorough, effective pest control services at a great value, and how we can make a few minor lifestyle adjustments that can help prohibit the pests from returning.

Why do I have an ant infestation?

Sugar ants, sometimes also known as odorous, stink, or coconut ants, are driven to achieve a single goal: expand their colony. In order to do this, they need what most all of us do: shelter, food, and water. The food they like best is glucose, which essentially is a very simple sugar that ants and a variety of other creatures derive nourishment from.

In the wild, ants seek out these nutrients from substances like plant sap and other sugar-rich secretions. Once inside the home, ants can find similar (but often more reliable) sources of sugar through the many foods people keep stored in their cabinets and pantries.

Ants are adept at finding these food sources because they have incredibly sensitive receptors on their antennae used to detect sugar. Once the ants are able to find entry points into the home, they will either set up colonies near those openings or inside the home itself if they are able to find the damp, isolated spaces they most successfully thrive in. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and spaces under sinks are common places in the home where ant colonies can be found.

How do I treat an infestation?

Due to the wide variety of off-the-shelf products that are available to consumers, many think that a DIY approach to eradicating an infestation is equally effective as professional services can be. While there are numerous quality products available to homeowners, the effectiveness of some can be deceiving.

Many sprays that are designed to treat ant infestations do not do a complete job because they don’t treat the infestation at its source — the colony. In fact, these sprays typically treat only those pests that are most visible to the eye, meaning that the chemicals used don’t make their way into the colony itself. They can sometimes even fracture the colony you’re trying to treat, which turns one pest infestation into several.

The method we most commonly use at Effective Pest Services to treat ants is a commercial-grade bait. This bait, when applied to the infestation by a professional at the appropriate volume and frequency by a professional exterminator, is designed to not only work on those ants that make direct contact with the substance, but is also then brought back to the heart of the colony where treatment matters most.

What can I do to prevent future infestations from occurring?

Once you’ve had your professional services conducted and have been advised on the value of quarterly pest control services (designed to maintain current standards and prevent future infestations), there are a few simple lifestyle changes that should be considered in the pursuit of a more pest-free household.

Though your home may be an exceptionally clean one, ants are extremely driven creatures and while they rarely cause damage to the home itself, they can have a profound effect on the way you live your life if left untreated.

We recommend incorporating the below considerations into your day-to-day routine because they can mean the difference between an ant-free and ant-infested household.

Get rid of standing water — insects and other pests are attracted to water for a variety of reasons. Leaving standing water on your property just gives them one more reason to come, explore, and possibly infest.
Check for and repair broken seals on your windows and doors — Ants need only a very, very small amount of space in order to enter your home. We recommend you review these areas on a periodic basis, especially after seasons of more extreme weather conditions. Not only is this important in order to keep pests out of the home, keeping your windows and doors properly sealed will ensure a more energy efficient home.
Frequently empty your trash and recycling — This might seem like a no-brainer, but the more we can keep food waste out of the home and in sealed containers, then the better off we’ll be in keeping pests out of our homes and also out of our yards. Trash, recycling, and even compost bins are big attractors of pests. Keep ‘em sealed and you’ll keep ‘em away!
Wipe Keep all food prep and eating surfaces free of debris — Again, this seems like a no-brainer, but even a small spill left attended for a short period of time can attract pests. Making concerted efforts to keep counters, tabletops, chairs and floors free of spills, crumbs, and debris goes a long way in keeping pests away.
Rinse dishes before loading and empty your dishwasher promptly after use — The dishwasher is the perfect combination of food-debris rich, warm, and wet. All things that ants and other pests like. Properly rinsing your dishes before running the washer will improve its performance, and emptying the dishwasher shortly after its been run will help free it of attractive excess heat and moisture.

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