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Experiencing an ant infestation is one of the most common problems a homeowner can face, pest-wise. Even if your home is well-kept and clean, it likely possesses a vulnerability or two that pests will perceive as an open invitation into your home.

As Northern Colorado’s premier choice in pest control, Effective Pest Services is proud to provide you some insight, tips, and recommendations as to how you can keep your home pest-free all year long!

Why do I have ants in my home?

Ants, like most creatures, spend most of their lives in pursuit of expanding the footprint of their colonies. They need very little in order to accomplish their goal — shelter, food, and water is all it takes for them to establish themselves and expand the reach of their army.

Sugar ants are typically the most common species of ant to infest the home, and one needs to look no further than their name to understand what these ants are in pursuit of. Sugar ants get their nourishment from glucose-rich plant saps and similar organic, sugary substances. There’s a good chance that you might have plant life on your property that will attract ants by way of very sensitive receptors on their antennae that will alert the insects when they are in close proximity to their favorite food.

If these ants are able to make their way into the home, then their receptors will help them seek out any sugar-rich foods that aren’t stored in sealed, airtight containers. While sugar ants aren’t known for causing damage to your home, the nuisance that they can create when they’ve infested your food supply is stressful, wasteful, and downright unpleasant. So what should you do?

Tips for preventing an ant infestation

If you have an ant infestation, call an expert!
While there are a wide variety of off-the-shelf products available for treating ants and other pests, they simply can’t compare to the professional experience and commercial-grade equipment that experts like those at Effective Pest Services can apply to an ant infestation. DIY methods don’t always treat your pest problems at the source, and many sprays are actually limited in their effectiveness by only treating the ants you see vs. treating those you see and those you can’t. We recommend and most-often use commercial-grade baits — applied at a professionally recommended volume and frequency — in order to treat the infestation at its source: the nest.

Keep your window and door seals in tip-top shape.
Broken window and door seals are some of the most common ways in which pests can enter the home. The quality of these seals degrade over time, so we recommend examining them a few times a year — especially those seasons of extreme weather — to ensure their effectiveness. We recommend the same for your home’s foundation, or other household materials that are vulnerable to degradation, like cracked chimneys and brickwork, or broken siding. Keeping these materials in good condition not only can prevent pests from entering the home, but they can improve your home’s energy efficiency and prolong the life of your home.

Be mindful and vigilant about taking care of food waste — in and out of the home!
Inside the home, we recommend making sure to regularly wipe down all surfaces where food is prepared, served, and consumed. Even small spills, crumbs, and the like if left unattended can attract pests. Keep your counter and tabletops clean, your floors swept, and your trash and recycling regularly managed, and you’ll be one step closer to a pest-free household. Outside the home, we always advise our clients to keep their trash, recycling, and their compost in tightly sealed containers. Storing these items outside can attract an even wider variety of pests (including rodents), so if they’re not properly sealed then you’ve made your home and property vulnerable to infestation.
Consider year-round pest control! It’s one thing to treat your home when you are currently having an infestation, but it’s an even wiser move to partner with pest control experts who can help prevent your family from experiencing future unexpected pest situations. We’ve found that pest control is most effective when treatment can be applied with appropriate frequency, depending on the varying characteristics of your home. For instance, if your home is near a body of water, then we would make very different recommendations vs. those in a more arid climate. We tailor our solutions to your unique lifestyle!

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