Are Roaches Worse in Summer in Windsor, CO? How to Stop Reproducing Cockroach Infestations in Your Home!

When the weather changes from one season to the next the types of pests that come in and invade homes change. When the weather is cold the pests you see are likely to be a mouse or other rodent. When the weather is warmer the mice and other rodents head outdoors and the pesky critters like ants and cockroaches make their way in. Cockroaches breed in the spring and summer and love the heat and humidity that the summer season has to offer. That means the chances that they are going to infest your home this summer goes way up. There are several species of cockroaches that are found locally and you can identify each one based on their distinct looks. Effective Pest Services outlines what species of cockroach you may see and how to keep them out of your home.

German Cockroach Infestations

This is an extremely common species of cockroach that is found around Northern Colorado. They are easily identified partially due to the fact that they are found most commonly in homes. They also are usually a tan colored cockroach that has two black lines that run down their back. The adult German cockroach only reaches about a half an inch so they are not very large. They are found in homes mostly inside kitchens where they are looking for food in the form of crumbs and other leftovers. German cockroaches are extremely difficult to get rid of without professional pest control!

Flying American Cockroaches

The American cockroach is one of the biggest cockroaches that you are going to see around your home this summer. When the adults are full grown they are typically around 1 1/2″ long but can reach up to two inches in length. They are normally a reddish brown color and have a yellow band at the back of the head that set them apart from other cockroaches. They also like to search homes for food which is commonly found in the kitchen of many homes.

Oriental Cockroaches

This the most unique cockroach because they are normally shiny and black and they reach about one inch in length. This cockroach is found more often in yards and near dumpsters. They are able to find food and nesting material outside but they have been known to come inside for food and water as well.

What Keeps Cockroaches Away?

If you want to prevent cockroaches from getting in your home you want to be sure to clean up food. Seal up and put away any leftover food after each meal. Also be sure that you wash dishes and counters before the end of the day and sweep the floor as well. You can seal up any gaps of spaces that a cockroach can gain access to your home including near doors and windows. You can do this by adding weather stripping to the doors and windows and caulking around small gaps in the siding or stucco

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As outlined above, summer is when cockroaches are most active as well as the cockroach breeding season. When weather gets too hot outside, even for cockroaches, they will try to enter your home looking for cool shelter as well as easy food and water sources. Effective Pest Services offer cockroach and other pest control services in Northern Colorado. Call us to schedule a pest inspection and begin a custom pest service plan today!

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