What Kind of Ants are Found in Colorado & How to Keep Them Out of Your Home in Timnath, CO

Dealing with any kind of pest is no fun. Even the mere mention of bugs and spiders cause many people to feel a little uneasy. There are some pests that are found throughout homes that are harmless and are just a nuisance to have around, but there are some pests that cause damage to your home and are dangerous to your health. Many of the pests that are in your home are tiny and sneaky and seem to be able to hide and escape from a shoe pretty easily. One pest that makes its presence known and usually comes in a big long line are ants. Ant is a very general term since there are several types of ants that are found throughout Northern Colorado. Effective Pest Services lists the most common ants found in Colorado and how to get rid of them.

Are Pavement Ants Harmful?

This ant is vary small and can be identified by their dark brown or black body with light colored legs and antenna. These ants are just like many other kinds and are in search of food. They will feed on fruit, seeds meat and any other foods they can get a hold of in or around your home. The usual place to find this ant is around sidewalks and driveways but if given the chance will come in your home to collect food to take back to the nest. While they are considered a nuisance, pavement ants can transmit bacteria such as salmonella if they crawl through your trash and then on you counters and food preparation areas etc.

When Should I Worry About Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are a larger species of ant that has a black or reddish coloring with yellow colored hairs on their abdomen and a single node between the abdomen and thorax. These ants work most often during the night and they will search a long distance to find what they are looking for. They travel in lines and can easily gain access to your home. They work at night so they are likely to be found in the morning when you wake up roaming across your floors and counters. The time to be worried is when you see even just one carpenter ant in your home! If you aren’t sure if the ant you are seeing is a carpenter ant or other species, call Effective Pest Services to determine which species and the best course of action to take next!

Are Red Harvester Ants Dangerous?

This ant is a larger species and are red in color. They are many times thought to be a fire ant but they are much larger and are not the same ant at all. They tend to feed mostly on seeds so they tend to be found more outdoors near trees and gardens. Red harvester ants can be aggressive. They deliver a painful sting and a vicious bite. Sometimes, the stings of harvester ants can cause allergic reactions, especially to those sensitive to their venom.

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All of these species of ants are a nuisance and can lead to discomfort if they bite you. If you wake up to find out that you have a line of ants crawling on the counters you want to refrain from smashing them and call a pest control professional to effectively treat them by getting to the source. Effective Pest Services offers pest control services including for ant problems. Give us a call today!

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