Can You Get Sick from a Mouse Being in Your Evans, CO House? How Do You Catch Diseases from Mice?

It’s no secret that you don’t want mice to make their way into your home. Not only can they be incredibly destructive, but they also carry with them many diseases that can be dangerous to anyone in the home. There are a few different ways that mice spread disease in your home. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about the diseases that mice carry and the risk that they are in your home when mice get into your house.

Can you Get Sick from Mouse Feces & Urine?

The first and foremost way that mice carry diseases and bring them into your home is through their urine and feces. When you notice their droppings in your home, it is often the first sign that points to a rodent problem. While it is a good indication, it can be something that makes you sick as well. Some of the diseases that are found in mouse droppings includes:
– Hantavirus: If mouse droppings sit in your home for an extended period of time, they will start to dry out and eventually turn into dust. When you are cleaning up old mouse droppings, this dust gets stirred up in the air that you breathe and can infect you with the Hantavirus. Some of the symptoms of this illness include difficulty breathing, fever, chills aches and pains. You must seek medical treatment so that you can avoid eventual kidney failure.
– Salmonella: Another common disease that can be found in mouse droppings is salmonella. This is an illness that can become serious for some people. The symptoms are often closely related to food poisoning as vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea and a fever are usually present. If left untreated, it can be a serious illness.
– Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCMV): This serious illness can be found not only in mouse droppings and urine, but the saliva and nesting materials that mice use as well. If you contract this illness, serious neurological symptoms are usually present.

Mice Carry Parasites

There are several parasites that can also come into your home when mice are infected with them. These parasites can then become a problem for you if they catch a ride on the back of a mouse. Ticks are a common problem with mice, and they carry serious illnesses like Lyme’s Disease. Fleas are another problem, and they often carry Bubonic Plague.

Mice Can Bite

It is rare for a mouse to bite you, but it can happen. More commonly, mice will try and bite the food you eat which contaminates it. They carry bacteria like rat-bite fever that can have serious symptoms and pose a serious health risk.

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