What Attracts a Wolf Spider Infestation to Your Milliken, CO House & How Do You Keep Spiders Away?

When it comes to spiders a wolf spider is one of the most feared. The reason is not due to some major venomous bite but the sheer look of them. The wolf spider is only one of many species of spiders and they are similar in many ways. They, like all spiders have the usual eight legs, eight sets of eyes and two segmented body sections. These are all similar but that doesn’t mean they are all treated the same. The wolf spider is quite different in many ways and some of them are the reasons they are feared. Dealing with spiders is no fun but they are actual a helpful pest. They eat other pests that happen to come across their path or get stuck in their webs. That means that they are doing more good than harm but most people still don’t want spiders around as they do pose a health risk if a venomous spider were to bite you. Effective Pest Services shines the spotlight on wolf spiders below.

How Do I Identify a Wolf Spider?

When you come across a wolf spider you may think you have seen a tarantula in your home. The wolf spider is similar in looks to a tarantula but they are very different. The wolf spider has thick legs that tend to be shorter than other spiders. They also have wiry hairs all over their body and the same two segment body. They also come in grey and brown coloring that help them to blend into their surroundings.

Where Do Wolf Spiders Live?

When it comes to wolf spiders they actually live in many different climates. They can be found in deserts, tundra’s and many other types of weather. They are not against living inside a home and will commonly come in to find a place to hide. That means that you can find one in your house hiding behind a wall, dresser or in a corner. The interesting thing about the wolf spider and one that sets it apart from many other spiders is that they do not spin a web. Most spiders use the web to catch prey as well as live on. The wolf spider will actually use a burrow to live and feed on prey. They have to use some ingenuity to keep the water and other elements out of their home. They are known for spinning silk in front of the entrance or piling up rocks and other sticks. The entrance to the burrow is well kept so that the wolf spider can see prey as it lurks by.

Do Wolf Spiders Carry Their Babies?

When the wolf spider lays their eggs they wait for them to be ready to hatch. When the egg sac is ready the mother will break it open releasing the new babies. They don’t run off to start their life but they will attach to the mother and invade her body and legs. They hitch a ride until they are ready to go off on their own. If you happen to try to smash a new mother you may get more than you bargained for. The babies will start to spread out and run for cover.

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