Do Wasps Come Out in Spring in Loveland, CO? How Do You Stop Stinging Insects from Nesting & More

If you are like most people, seeing a wasp buzz near your head is sure to send you into a panic. Wasps carry with them a vicious sting and are incredibly aggressive. They are often one of the peskiest pests that people have to deal with during the summer months. This can lead many to wonder at what point during the spring do they have to start dealing with these dreadful creatures? Effective Pest Services is here to talk about wasps and at what point you may start to see them in the spring.

Where Do Wasps Go During Winter?

During the coldest months of the year, you can expect a queen wasp to find a deep crack or crevice to hide away until it gets warmer outside. Many queens will end up dying off because of lack of nourishment or the severe cold temperatures. Some wasps will end being a meal to a spider during the winter if they have chosen the wrong hiding place. Spiders also hide in deep cracks throughout winter and will eat them.

What Month Do Wasps Come Out?

Throughout the month of April, you will probably start to spot wasps here and there as they decide it’s warm enough to wake up. Once the outside temperature reaches above 50 degrees, they will start to emerge and look for a place to start building a nest. Once she has completed building her nest, she will lay eggs and begin building up her colony. She will likely build her nest it places that aren’t easily seen or reached. You can count on a queen to never start building a colony in an old nest. They always build a new one. Some of the most common places a wasp will build a nest include:
– Window frames
– Sheds
– High overhangs
– Loft spaces
– Beneath a deck

How Do You Stop Wasps from Nesting in the Spring?

During the spring months, it may be well worth your time to follow some of these tips to make your home less appealing to these emerging queen wasps.
– Inspection: Give your property a thorough inspection and look for any places that may appeal to a wasp looking to build a nest.
– Caulking: Caulking can be your best friend when it comes to avoiding wasp nests. You can fill in any gaps and openings in sheds, garages, exterior walls and other areas that queen wasps can gain access into to start building a nest.
– Fill in Holes: If you notice any holes on your property caused by rodents, fill them in as wasps won’t dig to build a nest but will take advantage of a hole that has been dug for them.
– Kill: If you notice a wasp that has started buzzing around your home on a lovely spring day, swat it to kill it and stop a colony before it starts.

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If you are starting to see wasps emerging from their winter homes, get ahead of the game by calling on Effective Pest Services to get rid of any wasps you are seeing on your property. Call us today!

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