How Dangerous is DIY Pest Control in Fort Collins, CO & Why Hiring a Professional Exterminator is Safest!

The DIY route is tempting, and depending on the circumstances, can be a fun and rewarding way to while away a Saturday afternoon. That being said, there are several projects, including pest control, that are best left to the experts. Chemicals sold over the counter are less effective, and if mishandled, they can put you and your family at risk. Pest, like wasps and bees, can be unpredictable. You never know how they will react when sprayed with chemicals and if you don’t have the right equipment and safety gear, you could easily be overwhelmed and stung multiple times. According to emergency rooms across the nation, tens of thousands of individuals are hospitalized each year due to pest bites and stings. Effective Pest Services outlines some of the dangers of DIY pest control.

Hiring an Exterminator is Cost Effective

At first glance, the idea of purchasing inexpensive chemicals from the store seems to be a cost-effective alternative to paying for pest control services. But, surprisingly, you end up paying a lot more in the long run. Medical bills from respiratory issues or chemical burns and the number of failed attempts in getting your pest problems under control add up quickly, costing you a ton of your hard-earned cash. Contact your Effective Pest Services technician for prompt service and guaranteed results. Professional pest control is cheaper and more cost-effective when you compare the two side by side

Pest Control Technicians Have Knowledge & Experience

Store brought pesticides are a combination of chemicals that can cause chemical burns to eyes and skin if not handled correctly. Thinking under the premise if one spray of pesticide is good, then two must be better, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to go overboard, creating an indoor environment full of toxic fumes. Once the dust settles, they still have a pest problem and a potentially harmful mess to clean up. The expert technicians at Effective Pest Services are trained to handle chemical components and abide by regulations from the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Professional Pest Control is Safe for Humans, Pets & Plants

Insects are unpredictable, and you can never anticipate what they will do if they feel threatened. Your Effective Pest Control Services expert is trained to handle the unpredictability of pests and will utilize specialized clothing and equipment to apply the pest control products while keeping you, your family, and your pets safe from harm. In addition, homeowners often spray over-the-counter pesticides in and around their homes to prevent infestation, oblivious to the fact that repeated application can actually cause more harm than good. Prolonged exposure to chemicals can cause respiratory and skin issues and, in some cases, indirect exposure through toxic levels of chemicals that seep into the soil and groundwater.

What Chemicals Do Professional Exterminators Use?

An overwhelming number of pesticides can be found on the grocery shelf, but that doesn’t mean they will combat all of the pest problems in your home. Experienced pest control technicians understand pests and how to eradicate and remove them effectively. No homeowner ever wants to experience a dead and rotting rodent inside a wall or put family members at risk by setting a rodent trap where someone could inadvertently get hurt. Your knowledgeable Effective Pest Services technician understands the methodologies of each pest and will remove or eradicate them quickly and prevent them from returning.

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