Does Cold Weather Kill Carpenter Ant Infestations in Longmont, CO? How to Stop Ants from Coming in Your House

Those large black ants that you have seen walking around your house are more dangerous than you think. Carpenter ants are wood destroying insects that can cause damage to your home that could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about signs that you have a carpenter ant problem and how to avoid them.

How Do Carpenter Ants Survive Cold Winters?

When asking the question, “Where do carpenter ants go during the winter?” you have to consider where the nest is located. If the colony has built a nest in a pile of firewood or old logs, they will have a build-up of glycol in their cells as the temperatures take a dive and that will enable them to lay dormant for the winter. If the nest is found inside a structure, they will be active sooner since the south side of the house heats up during the day. However, if the nest is located inside your home where it is warm and wonderful during those long cold months, they will be active right through the winter.

Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation

There is a common misconception that carpenter ants eat wood. Termites eat wood and are often confused with carpenter ants, but carpenter ants actually build their nests inside wood and their diet comes from honeydew produced by aphids. When carpenter ants have built their nest inside the walls of your home, you can count on certain signs being present.
• Frass- This is a substance that looks an awful lot like sawdust. You will be able to find it in the corners of rooms. It might accumulate in spider webs in your home, and even window sills. You will find it in little piles.
• Trails- Carpenter ants form trails that will often lead to their nest. You can find them along the wall or on fence tops, even door frames.
• Noise- Carpenter ants are hard workers. You will be able to hear them working away at building their nest inside your walls. It will sound like a rustling sound if you listen closely.
• Ants Themselves- If they have built a nest in the walls of your home, you will most likely spot them at one point or another. Even if you spot them outside your home, don’t ignore this sign.

How to Stop Carpenter Ants from Coming in Your House

Carpenter ants are drawn to wood that has been damaged by moisture. They also need moisture to survive. If you can eliminate wood and moisture together, you will make great strides in avoiding carpenter ants. Fix any leaks that may be present, store firewood and other old wood far from your home, and seal off any cracks or gaps that can be found around doorways to keep carpenter ants away from your home. You should always keep branches from nearby trees trimmed and at least six feet away from your house.

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If you find signs of carpenter ants anywhere near your home or in your home, don’t hesitate to call Effective Pest Services. Waiting could end up costing you a pretty penny in structural damage. Call us today!

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