Why are Stinging Insects So Active in Wellington, CO? Do Paper Wasps Get More Aggressive in the Fall?

Wasps are a notorious flying insect that delivers repeated stings to perceived threats. They can quickly clear out a picnic or BBQ as they come to pilfer the meats and sweets that are around. Where most people can easily recognize a wasp, they are many different species that though similar, they still have their own characteristics and habits. Today, we at Effective Pest Services would like to share some of the basics concerning paper wasps who become more active and aggressive as the weather cools down into the fall season.

Paper Wasp Nests

The paper was actually has several species that belong to this sub-family, formally referenced as Polistes. They are given this handle because as their name suggests, they construct nests out of what resembles paper. Paper wasps chew up wood and other cellulose materials and use their saliva to build their nest. Their identifiable nests look like round upside-down paper combs, which are attached to horizontal surfaces by a single stalk. As the colony reproduces, the nest can grow. Some also suggest their nests resemble an umbrella, which is why some people will reference them as an umbrella wasp as well.

How Do You Identify a Paper Wasp?

Most paper wasps average about an inch long, but their size can range from ½- 1 ½ inches long. Some species have bright stripes that can be yellow and red and their primary colors vary from orange to reddish-brown to dark red. Their bodies are not fuzzy like bees. Though most fear wasps, they can be considered to gardens as the paper wasps feed on the nectar, which contributes to the pollination. However, they are not nearly as effective as bees are. Additionally, adult paper wasps will feed harmful insects, such as caterpillars, to the young larvae, which also help the garden thrive.

How Long Do Paper Wasp Nests Last?

One single fertile female can start a new paper wasp colony. After the first brood matures, they begin working on expanding the nest. As the colony grows, that first brood will become workers and begin foraging for food and caring for new larvae as well. The nests are abandoned in late fall, early winter. Fertilized queens are the only survivors of winter among the paper wasps, where come the spring the cycle continues again.

Why is a Paper Wasp Sting So Painful?

Despite belief, paper wasps are not looking to pick a fight with people. They are only protective of the nest and will sting any perceived threat, which is why anyone who encroaches to the nest is attacked because their focus is to save the queen. Their stings can be fairly painful and they are capable of multiple attacks unlike bees that have one sting. The sting can swell, but like bee sting, people can experience allergic reactions that vary from mild to severe, depending on the individual. If someone experiences the following allergic reactions, call emergency medical services immediately:
– Rapid Heartbeat
– Problems Breathing
– Nausea, Cramps, or Vomiting
– Hives
– Eyelids, Lips, and/or Throat Swelling
– Dizziness, Faintness, or Confusion

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Though the can be beneficial to a degree, most do not want them around their home because of the harm they can possible cause and potential allergic reactions. Removing the nest is never a good idea as a DIY project, instead call the professionals to ensure your safety. The experts of Effective Pest Services have the training and experience to remove the wasp nest from the premises to ensure your safety and efficient removal, call us today to remove wasp nests from your home.

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