Ft. Collins Vole Extermination

Though they sometimes can be confused for other common rodents such as mice, voles are a common nuisance pest for home and property owners in the Ft. Collins area. There are eight different varieties of this rodent that can be found in the state of Colorado.

Voles measure approximately 4 to 9 inches in length, are typically some variance of brown or gray in color, and can be described as slightly chubbier in stature than the common mouse.

Voles can be particularly destructive, so eradication of this pest is a must if you find them on your home or property. Here are a few essential things to understand about voles in Ft. Collins.

What are voles?

Sometimes referred to as the field or meadow mouse, voles are actually closer relatives to the hamster or lemming. Voles resemble a wide variety of other creatures, including mice, rats, gophers, and other small ground rodents.

They are a favorite of many predators such as owls, coyotes, bobcats, snakes, and other carnivorous creatures, but despite their prey status, can reproduce quickly and grow their population to unmanageable levels for many a layperson.

Mother voles can give birth to as many as ten litters per year, resulting in 100 voles! These young voles can reach sexual maturity as quickly a month’s time. Do the math on that, and you can understand why voles can become such an overwhelming pest!

Are voles destructive?

Voles can be incredibly destructive pests for home and property owners in the Ft. Collins area. Voles are year-round pests that have a lifespan of approximately six months. Due to their small stature, their home ranges are usually no larger than a quarter acre in size, and this is where voles can be at their most destructive should they choose your property to live on, as it is not uncommon to find as many as 500 voles on a single acre of land.

Voles are known to cause an incredible amount of damage to flowering plants, gardens, fruit orchards, and more by what is known as “girdling.” Girdling is essentially the removal of bark around the circumference of a branch or trunk of a tree. This act will ultimately kill the tree or plant, which naturally causes a great deal of stress and concern not only for homeowners and their ornamental plants, but especially so for farmers and others who rely upon these agricultural products for income.

Due to these factors, it is vitally important that you seek professional assistance in managing and exterminating your vole population before it grows to astronomical numbers and causes permanent damage to your trees and shrubbery.

How do I exterminate voles?

If you find that you have a vole infestation in your Ft. Collins home, we recommend that you seek professional assistance. At Effective Pest Services, our team of vole extermination specialists will use their experience in dealing with these pests to determine the root of your problem. Due to their sheer numbers and quick reproductive cycles, vole extermination can often be overwhelming for the layperson.

There are a variety of techniques that should be employed in order to create the best possible outcome for your situation. We use a comprehensive approach that includes trapping and baiting. Although we can treat for voles throughout much of the year, Fall and Winter months are sometimes more effective times to treat for vole infestations, as food is more scarce, therefore making baiting techniques sometimes more effective.

You deserve professional support for your vole infestation!

At Effective Pest Services, we pride ourselves in delivering our extermination expertise and our commitment to service to all who seek our help. Pest control can be stressful, costly, and unreliable if not executed properly. Our goal is to take a difficult chore off of your to-do list and give you back some peace of mind, all at an investment you feel confident in making.

Many of our clients choose our quarterly treatment plan because it not only includes extermination of your existing pests, but our techniques also help prevent future infestations from occurring.

Call Effective Pest Services today to learn why your friends and neighbors in Ft. Collins have chosen us as their go-to pest control solution!

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