Mice Infestations In Ft. Collins

Mice infestations can be such a headache. And, like a lot of pest infestations, can occur seemingly out of nowhere. Mice and other rodents are particularly crafty pests, and once they make their way inside your home or other outbuildings on your property, they can be very quick to nest, mate, and reproduce — suddenly turning a small problem into a much larger one!

At Effective Pest Services, we’re committed to giving you and your neighbors the best extermination services in the Ft. Collins area, and that starts with giving you the best information about your particular pest situation.

How did I get a mouse infestation?

Like with many infestations, it starts with access to resources. Pests, like mice, find their way into the home because they’re in constant search for food, water, and shelter, and your home provides them continuous access to all three.

If your yard features items like recycling, trash, or compost bins, bird feeders, or other accessible pet foods, then these will attract mice into your yard. Once on your property their ability to detect things like heat from your home, food smells, or even water will draw them nearer to the house, until they realize even more desirable resources are contained inside. And, odds are, they’ll find a way inside!

When was the last time you inspected the exterior of your home for cracks, breaks, or other openings that pests could use to make their way inside? Believe it or not, mice can squeeze their way into holes as small as that of a dime! Cracks in siding, poorly sealed windows or doors, or even the small holes where utilities enter the home are perfect entryways for mice.

With so many places for mice to hide inside the home — between walls, in attics, basements, crawl spaces, cellars, or even in garages or basements — it can be difficult to locate precisely where the mice are nesting, which is just one reason why it’s important call trusted professionals

How can I treat a mouse infestation on my own?

Though there are a wide variety of DIY trap and bait methods on the market, the time commitment, consistency, and even the ability to accurately locate all nests can be difficult for the layperson.

It’s crucial to treat a mouse infestation as early as possible to prevent the quick growth of the mischief (the term for a group of mice!), as well as the inevitable damage that will occur. Not only are mice naturally destructive (their ever-growing incisor teeth make gnawing a commonplace activity), but their preference of nesting materials like insulation, paper, and other household items means a great deal of your property might get shredded so they can stay warm.

Mice also like to build nests in areas like appliances (those that emit warmth like water heaters or others with motors), voids in furniture, and in cluttered rooms or under sinks. Not only are the messes they make profoundly irritating to deal with, but their waste is also of great concern, as their urine and their droppings carry bacteria and viruses associated with hantavirus, salmonella, severe asthma, and other pulmonary conditions.

It’s important to understand that the messes caused by mouse excrement and urine are highly toxic, and become especially so when airborne. People must take extreme care when cleaning up their home after a rodent infestation.

The Centers for Disease Control offer a great primer on cleaning up after mouse infestations, and we recommend that you read and thoroughly understand it before attempting to clean up after eradicating mice from your home.

Due to all the headaches that can be associated with a mouse infestation, we highly recommend you call upon a professional! Effective Pest Services offers safe, effective, and affordable pest control services. We stand behind our services with a 100% service satisfaction guarantee.

How can I prevent future mouse infestations?

Once you’ve worked with a professional exterminator in Ft. Collins (like Effective Pest Services!), your next step to a pest-free life is taking the crucial preventative measures that will ensure long-term success in your investment.

Essentially, your goal is to make your property less desirable and your home less accessible. If you keep trash or recycling bins outside (and this is true for your garage or shed, as well), make certain that there are no holes in the bins and that the lids are always sealed tight. This recommendation of tightly sealed containers is also true for things like pet food and bird seed. The less accessible it is, the less desirable your property becomes

If you compost, it’s recommended that you turn it regularly to increase the rate of breakdown and make the associated food waste less desirable. We also recommend that you keep your yard well maintained. Overgrowth of weeds or plants growing too close to the home can create unintended hiding places for mice to flourish. And it also draws rodents near the home, which will in turn encourage them to attempt to get into your home.

Relatedly, we recommend that you regularly inspect the exterior of your home to make sure that there aren’t ways in which they could gain access. Weather and time are the two biggest contributors to these sorts of problems with homes, so it takes consistency and diligence on your part to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. If you do discover that there are areas in need of repair, then we recommend that you take the appropriate steps to fix these problems. This will keep pests outside and might even improve your home’s energy efficiency!

Ready to finally rid your life of mice and other pests? Then it’s time to call Effective Pest Services! We’re proud to serve your friend and neighbors in the Ft. Collins area, and we’d be honored to serve you, too. Call today!

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