How Can I Get Rid of Mice in My House Fast in Milliken, CO; What Homeowners & Professional Pest Control Can Do

As the temperature begins to drop, mice activity will begin to increase. Winter is a hard time for mice and other rodents. It is cold outside and food is harder to find. The need for survival heightens and often mice will look to your home for shelter and hopefully, a regular food source. As many homeowners well know, mice are destructive and harbor parasites, viruses, and diseases. It is very important to keep mice out of your home. Unfortunately, mice are incredibly difficult to control. Often it requires the combined efforts of a professional pest control service and the homeowner to effectively keep mice out. Effective Pest Services would like to share how to better control and prevent a rodent infestation and when to contact professional pest control service.

What Homeowners Can Do to Keep Mice Out

Many people will call a pest control service and assume their home is now pest proof. Unfortunately, there is only so much a pest control service can do. To effectively control a pest as determined as mice, you as the home will also need to do certain steps. As a homeowner here are some of the steps you will want to take.
• Remove Potential Food and Water Sources – Remove all potential food and water sources. This includes repairing leaky plumbing and puddling inside and outside of the home. Next, make sure all food is sealed in glass or metal containers. Never leave any kind of food out for mice to feed on.
• Deny Rodent Nesting Materials – Mice will be drawn to places with nesting materials. It might be difficult, but you will want to at least try to deny them a nesting site and materials. Mice will use paper, cardboard, fabrics, and plants to create their nest. Try keeping potential nest materials either stored in a bin or container or recycle unwanted paper and cardboard products.
• Close Entry Points – As a homeowner, you will also want to seal off all possible entry points. This will include gaps along your doors and windows, cracks in the walls and vents. The home has a number of vents that rodents use to enter your home. You still need to also have proper air flow. However you will want to cover exterior vents with a wire meshing to prevent mice from using vents to enter your home.

How Do Professionals Get Rid of Rats & Mice?

A professional pest control can help finish off your pest control program with the aid of traps, bait, barriers and sound. When you contact a pest control service to help you prevent and get rid of mice they can use a number of different methods such as.
• Mice Traps – A professional pest control service can use traps that either kill or live capture the mice. Knowing the best placement for the traps are key. You need to be able to determine the common paths mice use and place the trap in the path.
• Mice Baits – There are different types of bait that are designed to either poison and kill the mice or even act as a birth control. Depending on the specie of mice you have in your home, birth control can be very effective as some mice have a short life span.
• Mice Barriers & Repellents – Barriers and repellents can also be applied both inside and outside of the home. Barriers or also known as a repellent and utilize odor or sound mice do not like to help keep them away.

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Controlling mice is very difficult as they are always looking to find a way into your home. If you have a struggle controlling mice, contact Effective Pest Services and schedule our services today.

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