I Have a Cat but Still have Mice in Evans, CO! Why Borrowing or Adopting a Cat Did Not Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home!

Over the years you may have been told many different old wives’ tales. Old wives’ tales are superstitions or traditional beliefs that are regarded as unscientific or incorrect. They are passed down from one generation to the next by word of mouth. Sometimes it can be hard to know if some of the things that you have been told are factual or simply old wives’ tales. Today, Effective Pest Services is going to help you determine if something that you may have heard about cats and mice is an old wives’ tale or an actual fact. You may have heard over the years that if you have mice on your property that getting a cat will help you get rid of them. Is that true?

Cat & Mouse Game

They are hardwired to pursue things that they can chase. They love to hunt for things. You may not know that cats do not always eat their prey once they catch it. Half of the fun for the cat is simply the chase. Studies have shown that domesticated cats rarely eat their prey. Hunting is excellent exercise for cats. It also helps keep them alert. This leads us to the question of whether or not cats will eat a mouse if they catch it. Cats do indeed love to chase mice. Mice are extremely hard to catch. The cat and mouse game that goes on between these two animals has actually turned into an old adage that people use to describe certain activities. When a cat catches a mouse that is normally the end of the game for them. They will simply let the mice go after they have caught it and then find their food and water that their owner provided for them when they are hungry. Mice do not like to be chased by cats. If they see that there is a cat on your property that is chasing their fellow mouse friends they may choose to vacate your property simply so they do not get chased. Some studies have down that just the smell of a cat on your property will prevent mice from nesting on your property.

Will Mice Stay Away if You have Cats?

So is the old wives’ tale about cats and mice true? It can be true but it is not always a guarantee. You may end up with a cat that does not like to chase mice because it is too lazy. You may end up with mice that are not scared of cats. Since all animals are different you simply do not know what you are going to end up with if you try this method of rodent control. Plus, your beloved cat pet can get sick from catching and eating mice! In addition to the risk of poison, mice can also carry parasites, such as roundworms, mites, or fleas.

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Effective Pest Services does have one guarantee for you though. If you have mice on your property calling us to help you get rid of them will work every time. Our trained technicians are experts on pest management strategies. We can come out and develop a plan that is guaranteed to help you get rid of the mice on your property.

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