How Can Pest Attacks Be Prevented in Arrowhead, CO? Pest Inspection, Exclusion & Routine Maintenance

Any time of year pests of all kinds can potentially invade your home. Many pests often infiltrate homes in an attempt to forage for food and water and find favorable areas for nesting. Some are even looking for an escape from the current weather conditions. No matter the reasons, if they can get into your home, they will despite their fears of humans. Today, we at Effective Pest Services will list some tips on what you can do to help prevent pests from stumbling into your home.

What is Involved in an Exterior Pest Inspection?

Begin on the exterior of your home and perform an inspection from roof to bottom and all around the perimeter. Look for cracks, hole, and gaps in the walls, roof, and foundation, particularly around the doors, windows, utility pipes, vents, and chimney’s if applicable. Any discoveries need to be properly sealed and repaired, and ventilation and utility pipes should be guarded to prevent the pests from invading.

Effective Exterior Pest Exclusion Tips

Once the exterior of the home is secure, remove the clutter. Firewood, bricks, blocks and other consumable products should be neatly organized as far from the house as possible. Trash can lids need to be tightly secured. Periodically clean out trash cans. Keep trees, shrubs and grand trimmed, hedged and pruned away from the house. Avoid keeping standing water available and pet food available 24/7. Any water leaks should also be repaired. Window and door screens should be inspected and if worn or damaged should be repaired or replaced if needed, especially if you like to let fresh air in when the weather is favorable.

Prepare for Interior Pest Inspection

After the outdoors of your home has been safeguarded, move onto the inside of your home. In a like manner perform an inspection on the interior of your home. Gaps, cracks, and holes should be sealed, weather stripping replaced if needed, and any leaky faucets and pipes need to be repaired. Ensure the trash cans around the inside of your home are equipped with lids that can be tightly secured. Periodically wash out the waste baskets. Remove the clutter. Fabrics, paper products, and anything else that is piling up in corners of the house should be cleared. Donate it, sell it, trash it, or find a place for it. Keeping the clutter available gives pests the opportunity to nest and hide in the clutter. Go through your pantry and cupboards where food is kept. Clean up the spilt crumbs and store all your food in sealable containers. Foods packaged in paper, cardboard and flimsy plastic can easily be scavenged and contaminated. Pet food should equally be stored in sealable containers. If possible, avoid leaving pet food and water out 24/7 as pests can use that as their food and water source.

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Invest in routine maintenance pest control services from Effective Pest Services. With regular maintenance and keeping your home protected, pests will less likely be spotted invading your abode. Effective Pest Services specialists have expertise and skills to assist in the efforts in keeping your home pest free. Call us today to get started!

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