How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your House in Timnath, CO; Declutter, Fix Leaks, Clean Kitchen & More

Even though you may not have as many pests to worry about during the winter months, it isn’t the time to let your guard completely down. One pest you have to worry about no matter what time of the year it is, cockroaches. These pests are often associated with filth because they are truly a filthy little bug. You may be attracting them to your home without even realizing it. Effective Pest Services is here to share some tips to keep your home cockroach free.

How Do You Stop Attracting Roaches?

There are several things that can be done to make sure you aren’t creating an environment that attracts cockroaches. Here are our best tips to ensure you aren’t attracting cockroaches.
– Declutter: Cockroaches are often most comfortable in a cluttered space. This is because they are nocturnal creatures and need places to hide during the day. When you get rid of clutter, you are eliminating those hiding places.
– Fix Leaks: One thing that cockroaches find most attractive is water. If you have a leaking pipe or standing water anywhere in your home, it’s important that you fix it so that you don’t attract cockroaches.
– Clean Kitchen: Cockroaches are attracted to all types of food whether they are fresh or rotting. Cleaning up the kitchen can help keep cockroaches away. Take out the trash on a regular basis as well as store food properly so that you don’t attract any cockroaches.

Cockroach Prevention is Important

One of the most important things that you need to remember is prevention is key. If you take some measures to prevent cockroaches, you are far less likely to struggle with an infestation. To prevent cockroaches, the most important thing is to seal your home properly. Here are some of the ways you can accomplish this.
– Replace any broken or torn screens in your home with new ones.
– The weather stripping around your doors and windows may need to be replaced as they may start to break down over time.
– Fill in any holes or cracks that are found on the exterior walls of your home.
– Cockroaches are notorious for coming in through your basement. Check your foundation for any cracks that make that easier for them.
– Many people find cockroaches that are coming in through the drains in their home. Drain cleaning can help you avoid this problem.

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If you have a cockroach problem in your home, you need to turn to the pros at Effective Pest Services to help you get it under control right away. Cockroaches reproduce at an alarming rate, so if you see one, there are certainly more where that one came from. It doesn’t take long for a cockroach problem to turn into an infestation. When you call on us, you know that we will get rid of them immediately. Call us today!

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