How Can You Protect Your House from Pests in Fort Collins, CO; Pest Inspection, Exclusion & More

When people think of spring they have visions of favorable weather conditions, blossoms blooming, trees livening up, greener grass, having outdoor activities, animals becoming energized, tackling home improvements and checking off spring cleaning tasks. But what occurs to few is the up rise in pests. Though there are pests that plague our homes and businesses year round, during spring seem to be more noticeable. All the little critters are also being rejuvenated with what spring entails, and they too are more active. Some are intruding into your home looking for a convenient water and food source, and perhaps even a new home if such exists. Others are being drawn out in search of other life necessities, such as; reproducing and younglings maturing. But today, we at Effective Pest Services would like to offer some tips and advice on minimizing the pests coming into your abode and safeguarding your home.

Exterior Pest Control Inspection

The outside of your home is where it all starts. Begin by inspecting the exterior of your home. You are looking for cracks, holes, gaps, damaged vents, deteriorating service pipes, broken down shingles, everything from top to bottom. If the roof isn’t something you are comfortable in traversing, use binoculars to ensure there is no entry points that insects, rodents, birds, or wildlife can utilize. If such exists, be sure to seal them all up accordingly. Windows and doors should also be inspected, and if necessary, replace or install weather stripping. Service pipes are the first spot that will get deteriorated and need sealing, so be sure to audit all the service pipes.

Outdoor Preventative Pest Control

While you are outside, remove all debris and clutter. Wood piles and other building materials should be organized and stacked as far from the house as possible. Trees, shrubs and grass need to be well manicured, trimmed and pruned away from the home. Ensure all landscape clippings, leaves, stick and other remnants are disposed of. A well kept yard can drastically reduce pests from entering into your home. The garbage can lids should be tightly secure to avoid the attraction many pests have to decomposing waste. Finally, keep pet food tightly secured and fix any exterior water leaks to eliminate a food and water source for the scavengers looking for a quick meal.

What Does an Interior Pest Inspection Include?

Conduct the same inspection you did on the outside of your home. Seal any holes or cracks you may discover appropriately. Fix any leaky pipes or fixtures to wipe out a water source and damp living conditions pests are attracted to.

How Do I Keep My Kitchen & House Pest Free?

Clean out cupboards and pantry. Discard any food or crumbs that may have spilled. Properly contain food and ingredients in durable, sealed containers. Plastic or paper bags and cardboard packaging are easily gnawed through for pests to contaminate, do not rely on them. Dispose, recycle or donate of unneeded clutter. Insects, vermin and wildlife can turn a stack of catalogs into nests. Remove their temptation. A good rule to follow is, “if you haven’t used it once in a year’s time, you are not going to and can free yourself from it.”

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It is great to call upon the professionals in time of crisis and infestations. But taking advantage of routine maintenance plans can greatly reduce pests found inside and outside your home. Many pests can potentially carry disease, cause costly damage or just be there to scare you in a typical horror flick fashion. Let the experts keep you and your home safe. Our professionals at Effective Pest Services have the experience, skills, and training to efficiently manage your pest control. Combine our team of specialist with the top of the line equipment and high quality products, pests won’t stand a chance. Call us today!

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