Interesting Facts About Ants in Windsor, CO; Ants Can Walk Up Walls, Walk in a Straight Line & More

There are some pests and animals that have some unique behaviors as well as characteristics that deem them interesting. It is easy to figure out why a person is doing something because you can simply as them but with pests and animals there is not way to really know. The best thing you can do is to research what would be the reason to do that. There are teams of researchers that are working to understand all kinds of animal and pest behaviors. This is for many reasons including understanding their need in the world. It is also so that you can know what they are doing to help keep them from becoming a problem. When it comes to ants they have some unusual behaviors that may seem odd and unnecessary but they are for a reason. When you understand more about a particular pest that could become a problem you can try to avoid them invading your home and space. Effective Pest Services lists some interesting facts about ants.

Ants Can Walk Up Walls

One of the most interesting things that you will see when there are ants in the house is that they can walk on just about any surface. They are able to get around a house by just about any means to get to what they need which is food. It doesn’t seem as though they should be able to walk on the ceiling or up the walls but they can. The ants have a unique characteristic that helps them make this all possible. They have a small hook on the end of their feet that make it so that they can hold onto any and all small divots and dents in the wall and other surfaces. When they are able to get in these areas they have access to all your foods and other materials that they can use in their colony. Nothing is off limits when it comes to ants.

Can Ants Carry 1000 Times Their Weight?

Another thing that may surprise you to see is a tiny ant that is carrying a large piece or chip, bread or other food product. It may seem too large for such a small thing to be carrying but they are able to do it. They have enormous strength and this helps when they are out foraging for food that needs to be brought back to the colony. The food that they are collecting is to keep them fed through the colder months when they are unable to come up to the surface. The worker ant has been known to carry items that are much larger and heavier than their body. Research published in 2014 showed that the neck joint of a common field ant can withstand 5,000 times the ant’s weight. Previously, ants had been photographed carrying dead baby birds, so it was estimated they could carry around 1,000 times their weight.

Do Ants Walk in a Pattern or Straight Line?

Another behavior that is known when you talk about ants is that they are always seen walking in a straight line when traveling. They do this for a good reason. The main reason is that they need to stay together because there is safety in numbers. They also use scent called pheromone to get around. They will follow the scent of the ant in front of them and that is why you see them in a line as they travel. When that scent is lost they will start to move around frantically until they are able to find a path back to the trail.

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