How Do House Mice Communicate in Milliken, CO? Chemical Pheromones in Urine

The last thing that most homeowners want to have on their hands is a mouse infestation. This is something that can happen much quicker than you think, too. This is something that you definitely don’t want to happen. It is why it is vital that you call on pest professionals as soon as you notice that there are any signs that point to a mouse infestation. One reason that one mouse can become five so quickly is because of the way that they communicate. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about how mice communicate, and why it isn’t good news for homeowners.

How Do Mice Use Pheromones?

When many of us think about communication, we think about verbal communication. Since humans are the only species to do this, it isn’t uncommon to fail to think that animals can communicate in different ways too. Mice, and other species, will use chemicals known as pheromones to send important messages to each other. They are actually quite social creatures. When they have found a food source, they leave behind pheromones in their urine that will clue in other mice. They can also alert others of threats with these pheromones as well.

Mice Multiply So Fast

If you have noticed one mouse in your home, you need to act quickly before there are many more where that one came from. Much of this has to do with the rapid reproduction of mice. However, when mice find a way into your home, they will leave behind pheromones that will signal their little furry friends of the opening to come and join them as well. All they need is an opening about the size of a dime to gain access to your home. If they do, you better believe they are going to be sharing that good news with the other mice around them. Sealing your home up so that there are none of these openings is extremely important in the winter time.

You Can Get Diseases from Mice

Not only do you need to worry about the damage that can be caused by mice as they chew their way through your home, you need to worry about the diseases that they carry as well. Mice carry a number of different diseases including salmonellosis, hantavirus and listeria. All of these diseases pose a large threat to anyone that comes in contact with them. You should also be weary of the damage that can be caused by the urine and feces that mice leave behind as they find a place to nest in your home.

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The damage to your home can be extensive when you have a mouse infestation on your hands. If you have noticed any sign of mice in your home, you can turn to the professionals at Effective Pest Services to help you get rid of the mice in your home once and for all. Call us today!

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