What are the First Signs of Mice in Evans, CO? Mouse Droppings, Rodent Scratching Sounds & More

The winter months may not be filled with bugs that you have to worry about in and around your home, but it sure is filled with rodents galore. They seem to find any and every opening into your home so that they can escape the cold weather. This can pose a couple of serious problems for your home and everyone in it. The trick to finding and getting rid of any mice in your home is to know what the warning signs of mice are. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about what these warning signs look like so that you can be ready to act quickly should you find them in your house.

Mouse Droppings

One of the most common signs that people notice in their home is droppings. If you have mice, you will most definitely notice droppings and even some urine as well. The smell of the urine can be bad, and that is usually how people find it. The droppings are small, brown and often look like small grains of rice.
If you notice that you have droppings, you need to act quickly before the problem gets worse.

Rodent Scratching Noises

Another sign is noises that you aren’t used to hearing. Mice, like most rodents, are going to be most active during nighttime hours. You might hear some loud scratching that comes from your walls or ceiling during the night to clue you into a mouse problem.

Signs of Mice Chewing

Mice are just like any other rodent and naturally chew on everything. This can cause serious problems in your home. They will chew on many different things including electrical wires, boxes, furniture, clothing, drywall and more. There is basically nothing in your home, short of metal objects, that mice won’t sink their teeth into.

Holes in the Walls

Most of the time, mice aren’t going to start nesting out in the open. Much of the time, they will burrow into the walls, in your attic space or other secluded areas to make a nest for their babies. Sometimes, this means that they are chewing their way through the walls. If you have noticed there are holes in your walls, this is a sign that you have some sort of rodent, possibly mice, living in your home.

Strange Pet Behavior

If you have pets in your home, they will more than likely be able to smell a rodent long before you notice any signs that they are there. Pets will pick up on the pheromones that mice leave behind and will usually start to dig or scratch at unusual spots in your home where they detect rodents. If you notice your pet digging at a corner in your home all of a sudden, there is probably something back there that doesn’t’ belong.

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If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, don’t hesitate to call Effective Pest Services to rid your home of mice. Call us today!

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