How Do I Keep Black Widow, Brown Recluse & Other Spiders Out of My House in the Fall in Campion, CO?

At Effective Pest Services, we treat each and every one of our valued customers like family, ensuring they get premium results from our pest control services. We are fully licensed and insured, and our experienced and talented technicians take advantage of superior equipment and products to guarantee our work. Among the many pest control services we provide is spider control. We have had to contend with a multitude of spiders over the years and our spider control is known to be quite effective.

How Many Species of Spiders are Found in Colorado?

Common spiders across Colorado that can infiltrate your home or business include Funnel weaver, Jumping, Wood Louse Hunter, Ground, Garden, Cobweb AKA House, Cellar, Yellow sac spiders, Wolf, Tarantulas, Black Widow and even Brown Recluse spiders on occasion. Some spiders are actually known to be quite beneficial in devouring some other known pests, but few business owners or homeowners want to let them have run of the building in effort to cut down on other pests. The two spiders whose venom can cause serious health complications are the Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spiders.

Are Black Widows Deadly to Humans?

Black widow spiders are notoriously known for their venomous bites. The male black widow spiders do not deliver venom in their bite as the females do. Carrying a red (sometimes orange-yellow) hourglass-shaped mark on her abdomen gives you the first clue. A common misconception about black widows is their aggression, but in fact they will take flight over fight in most cases. They only bite when they feel threatened with no escape. More often than not, a common scenario of someone getting bit is they unknowingly stuck their hand in a dark hole where a black widow decided to call home. The female black widow is shine and black. They prefer dark and undisturbed locations to reside, garages, barns, basements, sheds, hollow stumps, abandoned rodent burrows, dense vegetation, and similar places are common. Black widows eat other arachnids and other insects. Though a bite will cause serious pain and symptoms, a bite rarely results in death. When it does, it is generally with those who have weak immunes, children and elderly. Symptoms include; nausea, intense sweating, severe back, abdomen and muscle pain, and respiratory problems. Medical attention is always recommended as it can help alleviate the symptoms as the poison dissipates.

Can a Brown Recluse Spider Kill You?

Brown recluse spiders have many of the same habits of the black widow, although brown recluse spiders are more likely to hide in clutter, especially clothing. They too are generally not aggressive, but will bite when they feel threatened. Though brown recluse spiders are not generally thought of being a Colorado resident, a few have shown up due to people knowingly or unknowingly transporting them to the area. Brown recluse spiders are varying degrees of brown, but have a dark violin or fiddle-shaped marking found on its head. Like the black widow spider, brown recluse prefer the dark, undisturbed areas to call home. If bitten, common symptoms include; itching, chills, nausea, sweating, and discomfort. It is highly recommended you seek medical treatment, as many people react differently to their venom. Fortunately, brown recluse spider bites rarely kill people.

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If your commercial business or residential home has become infested with spiders, call Effective Pest Services. Our spider control service can exterminate the spider infestations and with regular maintenance prevent future outbreaks.

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