Why are Wasp Stinging Insects So Aggressive in the Fall in Arrowhead, CO? Wasps Store Food & More

While there are many pests that we have to learn to live with during the summer months, wasps are perhaps, some of the worst. Not only are they a threat as they can sting over and over again, but they are also incredibly aggressive as well. If you have noticed that they have become seemingly more aggressive this fall, you wouldn’t be wrong. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about what makes these insects more aggressive as fall comes around.

Why are Wasps More Aggressive in Autumn?

There are a few factors that come in to play when it comes to the aggressiveness of wasps during the fall season. Following are the biggest reasons you will want to steer clear from these aggressive pests.
– Wasp Nests: The queen has been hard at work as she has been building up her colony all summer. As the lone survivor during the winter, it is her job to keep the wasps alive. When she lays and fertilizes the eggs, they hatch into larvae which are fed insects as they develop. They create a sweet nectar after eating the insects and the adults often enjoy that meal. When fall comes around, the nest is full and at max capacity, so the queen is no longer laying any eggs. This leaves adult wasps looking for food they are used to getting rather easily.
– Wasps Store Food: This goes hand in hand with the size of the nest mentioned above. The food supply for wasps isn’t nearly as abundant during the fall months. This leaves the especially aggressive as they are hunting for food and hungry. Your sugary drinks and food are going to more appealing than usual. If you notice more wasps buzzing around your food, be weary of them as they are hungry and quite possible hangry.
– Queen Wasps: The wasps know that it is their job to protect the queen. During this time of year, if they feel that there is a threat of any kind toward her, they will protect her at all costs. You should always steer clear of any wasp nests, but during the fall, they will be more aggressive than normal and will be on edge as they work to protect her.
– Wasps in Cool Weather: As the weather really starts to cool off, you may notice that wasps are hovering around your open doors and windows more than normal. They are going to be looking for anywhere they can hide to get away from the cooler weather and seek warmth.

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If you notice that there are more and more wasps around your home and property, you can call on the pros at Effective Pest Services to help you get the wasp problem you have under control. We know how aggressive they are this time of year and urge you to avoid trying to take care of the problem on your own. Call us today!

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