How Do You Keep Bugs Out of Your Longmont, CO House? Control Pests Outside, Seal Your Home & More

Most agree that pests infesting your home are unwelcomed guests that need to be eliminated. Typically, pests are creepy looking, cause property damage and/or pose a health threat. As a result, homeowners often look for tips and strategies to avoid sheltering these intruders. Considering that, we at Effective Pest Services would like to offer some steps on how you can decrease the likelihood of infesting pests in your home.

Control Pests Outside

Your backyard likely provides natural habitats and harborage for quite a few pests. Extreme weather and temperatures as well as predators will drive these pests to find protection. While settling into some optimal locations found in your landscaping, the pests will have a greater opportunity to find better living conditions in your home. These conditions include the perfect climate, convenient food and water sources, and less predators. Toss the junk and organize the materials while cleaning up the clutter to keep pests further from your home. The materials, such as firewood, you do hang on to, be sure to safely store it away from the home. At least 12-18 inches off the ground and no higher than 4 feet up. The firewood should be neatly stacked; the further from the home better. Discard the yard clippings in the waste as soon as possible. From the house, be sure to trim back the vegetation including vines, grass, shrubs and trees. Eliminating the food, water, and a place to provide shelter that most pests are searching for will reduce the pest population considerably.

How Do You Seal a House from Pests?

From hitchhiking in packages and merchandise, pests can be inadvertently brought inside, but most simply come in through an open door, window, or a crack and gap in the foundations, roof, or walls. We recommend inspecting your home from top to bottom considering this information. Be sure have screens in place that are clean and in good condition, if you like to have the doors or windows open in times of nice weather. Take note of any damaged materials, gaps, holes, and cracks, during your inspection of the structure. If any such problems are found, make sure they are efficiently sealed. Any ventilation outlets can be protected with installing mesh covers.

Get Rid of Excess Moisture in Your House

To survive, many pests rely on water and humid conditions. Eliminate and/or reduce and moist environments and standing water in or around your home. Control humidity levels in all areas of your home and repairs any pipes, hoses, or faucets that leak.

Proper Garbage Management Contributes to Effective Pest Control

Mostly to find something to eat, it is no secret a lot of pests will be attracted to the garbage. Trash cans will easily draw these pests when they are open. Clean out the trash bins with hot soapy water every month or two and store the outdoor garbage bins as far from the home as possible and ensure the lids are securely closed to prevent the garbage from being a beacon to these nasty critters.

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