How to Stop Mice from Entering Your Wellington, CO House? Rodent Exclusion, Sanitation & More

Mice most often invade homes during the fall and winter seasons in an attempt to escape the cold and to ensure an easy meal. Effective Pest Services would like to share more about house mice and what you can do to keep them out of your home this summer.

House Mouse Identification

A house mouse has short light brown or gray and sometimes black fur with a lighter colored underbelly. Their ears and tails also are covered with fur however it is much finer or thinner. House mice are one of the smaller species of mice. Therefore, they are able to squeeze through very small gaps. There are many reasons why a House mouse will invade a home during the summer. One is to find a cooler spot to live. A second reason is for a reliable food supply. Also, they will often seek shelter from predators. Many natural predators of the house mouse are fully active during the summer and your home often provides protection from them. Your home is also a perfect place to nest and have their young.

How Can You Get Sick from House Mice?

Mice, including a house mouse, carries a variety of diseases that is often transmitted through their urine or feces. They quickly contaminate food and your living conditions. They are also destructive. They will chew on a home electrical wiring, walls, and plumbing. When a house mice invades a home, it provides them a safe place to reproduce which means you will soon find your home infested. To prevent infestation and the many health hazards mice provide, you will want to ensure you keep them out and controlled. Do this by following four simple steps.
Step 1. Rodent Exclusion – Make sure to seal off any possible entry points that mice can use to enter your home. For example: Cracks or gaps around window and door frames, you can cover attic and dryer vents as well as your chimney with metal mesh wiring.
Step 2. Cleaning & Sanitation – Make sure your home and yards are clean and free of debris and clutter. Along with sealing all food inside the home, avoid leaving food out, and that trash is sealed. You also want to make sure that all of the indoor and outdoor plumbing isn’t leaking or pooling water anywhere to avoid providing a drinking source for mice.
Step 3. Rodent Traps – Place your preferred type of traps around areas where mice travel or feed. You will find there are many different types of trapping systems that can help capture mice that may be outside and inside your home.
Step 4. Rodent Baits – You can also use bait or poison and kill the rodents. Avoid placing bait outside and in areas exposed to pets or children. Bait becomes recommended when a large infestation occurs.

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Lastly you can seek the help from a professional. If you’re under siege by house mice this summer season, and need help reclaiming your home and keeping it a safe and healthy environment, contact Effective Pest Services for all of your pest controlling needs.

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