How Do You Know if You Have a Mouse or Rat Infestation in Masonville, CO? Rodent Droppings, Nests & More

We have now gotten to that season where the mice are trying desperately to get inside your home where they can stay warm throughout the winter months. They will squeeze their way through the smallest of openings if that means a warm place to stay that has an abundance of food at their disposal. It is important that you know what the signs of a rodent infestation are so that you can get rid of any house guests as soon as they make their way into your home. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about how you identify a rodent infestation to help you avoid damage to your home as a result of rodents this winter.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

If you have rodents that have somehow gotten into your home, there are most assuredly going to be signs that indicate they have built nests in your home. It is important that you look for these signs so that you can get rid of them as soon as possible.
– Rodent Droppings: The first and most obvious sign that you have a rodent problem in your home is the presence of their droppings. They look like small brown pellets and will most definitely be present if you have a rodent problem. They are moist if they are fresh and will get dry and almost turn to dust when touched, if they are older.
– Rub Marks on Walls: If you have mice or rats living in your home, you may start to notice that they leave behind dark, greasy marks on the walls where they are traveling to and from their nests.
– Bite Marks from Rodents: One of the ways that rodents cause damage to your home is chewing. They will gnaw on almost anything as this comes naturally to them. They will chew through boxes of food, on electrical wiring and other areas of your home. If you notice bite marks in your home, it could be rodents.
– Strange Sounds: You may be able to hear them scurrying through the walls and hiding places in your home. They are usually the most active during the night hours, but you may even hear them during the day if the infestation is large.
– Rodent Nests: If you find a rodent nest in your home, you certainly have a problem. They build their nests out of a number of different items. Those items could include hair, insulation, cardboard, plastic, fabric and several other different types of materials found throughout your home.

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If you notice that there are any of the signs listed above in your home, it is time to call on the pest professionals at Effective Pest Services to help you get rid of the rodent infestation. Mice reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate. The sooner you can get them out of your home, the better off you will be. Call us today!

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