How Do You Know what Kind of Rodent is in Your Masonville, CO House? Deer Mice, Norway Rats or Other?

Currently, we are in the middle of rodent season as far as pests are concerned. During the winter, the biggest pest threat to your home is rodent infestation. They have a way of getting into your home through the smallest of openings you wouldn’t think would be a doorway into the house. There are some rodents that are going to be far more common than others when it comes to invading your home. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about what types of rodents you should be on the lookout for this winter.

Deer Mice

These mice are found throughout the US and can be a real nuisance for homeowners. While these mice do prefer rural settings, they can start to become a bigger problem for the outskirts of cities as well when the winter settles in. they are most commonly found invading barns, out buildings, cabins and other shelters like these. The thing that is worth noting about deer mice is that they are the main carriers of the deadly hantavirus. You usually can contract this illness when you breathe in dust that is stirred up in areas that their urine and feces is found.

House Mice

The house mouse is one that will be found everywhere in the US as well. They are quite good and making their way into homes across the country. They usually set up their nests in dark areas and with their climbing and jumping abilities, they are able to get to the most secluded areas in your home without you knowing it. They are known to cause a significant amount of property damage as they chew their way through your home. This includes chewing through electrical wiring that can put your home at risk of an electrical fire.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are going to be a little different than the mice that infiltrate your home. They are larger and can sometimes cause more damage. They are good at burrowing and will chew through more than just electrical wires. They are able to chew through pipes made of both lead and plastic. These rats also carry with them a number of illnesses and diseases including the plague, cowpox virus and jaundice. They are certainly rodents that you want to keep out of your home.

How Do You Keep Rodents Out of Your House?

The best way to avoid rodents in your home is to make any necessary repairs to the exterior of your home and close off any holes they can fit through. They can squeeze through holes that are as small as a dime, so it is important that you are thorough in closing up these openings.

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If you are struggling with rodents in your home or on your property, you can turn to Effective Pest Services to help you get rid of them for good. Because they reproduce so rapidly, you need to act quickly at the first sign of infestation. Call us today!

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