What Attracts a House Mouse & What Keeps Mice Away in Milliken, CO? Remove Food Source, Habitat & More

Mouse characters you see on TV and in movies are portrayed as crafty creatures that are quick on their feet and prove that size doesn’t matter as long as they are quick-witted and can easily adapt to their surroundings. In reality, mice do share some of these attributes. Effective Pest Services offers helpful tips to prevent mice below.

Mice are Good Runners, Climbers & Swimmers

Mica are fast runners and climbers. They are also natural swimmers and while they would rather not be in the water as they travel, they do very well if it’s their only option. Mice have been known to swim and tread water for up to three days and can hold their breath for up to three minutes when they are fully submerged in water. That’s a whole minute longer than the average human can!

How to Get Rid of Mice

House mice are extremely resourceful and once they have established themselves, they can be very difficult to get rid of. Your least toxic options are sticky traps, but then you have to deal with mice that are still alive. Baits are another option, but some mice have become resistant to the anticoagulant effects of baits. The other problem is that baits contain poison that can be dangerous to children and pets. Prevention is always easier than elimination when it comes to dealing with mice.

How to Keep Mice Away

Homeowners may deal with reoccurring infestations of mice because they fail to take the steps that are needed to make their home and property less appealing to them. They may also fail to get a problem under control before it gets out of hand.
1. Remove sources of food and water. Keeping things clean is the best way to prevent and get rid of problems with any rodents. Eliminating food and water is an important step when it comes to controlling them. Clean up spilled food and liquids right away and wipe down food prep areas every night. Use trash cans that seal tightly and keep food sealed tightly too. Outdoors you will also need to use trash cans that can be sealed tightly, store pet and bird food in sealed containers and remove any standing water from your property.
2. Remove rodent habitats. Keep clutter in your home to a minimum and store materials off the floors when possible. Remove clutter and debris that mice will use to hide out in and keep vegetation and trees trimmed to eliminate areas where mice will feel protected.
3. Seal off cracks and crevices. Mice can get in through a hole the diameter smaller than a dime. Identify any areas that mice will use to enter your home and seal them off with steel wool, hardware cloth, perforated metal, sheet metal or cement mortar.
4. Use rodent bait stations. When temperature start to cool off, mice will enter you home. Place bait stations around the perimeter of your home to keep them out.

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Just a couple of mice can become a huge problem for any homeowner, and as long as they have food and shelter, their numbers will continue to grow. If you’ve done all you can and still discover that mice have invaded your home, contact Effective Pest Services for help!

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