How Do You Stop an Infestation of Pests in Your Severance, CO House? Home Sealing, Pest Control & More

Pests can infest homes in a number of ways. In some cases, pests are brought into your home without you being aware; whether it is through shipping boxes, second hand appliances, or other types of means. In most cases, however, pests often wander inside your abode during their search for food and water, as well as in some instances, to escape extreme weather conditions. Pests can be more than a nuisance when they infiltrate inside. Many pests can impact your health; inducing allergy and asthma attacks, bringing in and spreading bacteria, germs, and viruses, some will even inflict pain through biting and stinging and frequently inject venom in the process. Additionally, many pests will cause some level of damage to your home’s structure, utility lines, personal possessions, as well as contaminate food and hygiene products. In any case, having an infestation of pests is never a welcome event in your life. With that in mind, we at Effective Pest Services would like to offer some advice and suggestions on how you can minimize the pests that wander into your home.

Remove Food, Water & Shelter that Attracts Pests

As previously mentioned, more often than not, pests invade looking for food and water. If they have a convenient water and food source, they will likely look for nesting options close by. Eliminating the source and removing ideal places to nest, both outside and inside can significantly reduce the odds of an infestation.

How Do You Seal a Home from Pests?

Starting with the outside of your home, perform an evaluation from the roof down to the foundation. If you are uncomfortable with being on the roof, use binoculars and if anything is seen, you can hire a professional to deal with the issues. Look for signs of damage like holes, cracks, and gaps in the structure, look especially around utility lines and ventilation outlets as these areas are most susceptible to wear. The ventilation outlets should be efficiently secure with mesh coverings and any damage found should be repaired accordingly. Check the door and window screens as well. Make certain they are clean and damage free; clean, repair, or replace if necessary. Repair any leaky hoses, faucets, and so forth outside.

Where Should I Keep My Outside Trash Can?

Next is relocate the outdoor trash bin. You will want it placed as far from the house as possible. Ensure it is securely closed when not in use with a pest-proof lid. Periodically, wash the inside and outside with warm soapy water.

Limit Pest Problems in Landscape

Make certain you are diligent with landscaping maintenance. The landscaping is a natural habitat for many pests and if it is overgrown, more pests will be living in it and the closer it encroaches on your home, the easier it is for pests to wander inside. Keep the branches of trees pruned and the limbs from plant life trimmed back away from the roof and windows. Keep the grass short and well manicured as well. Avoid letting clutter get out of control. Dispose of yard clippings immediately. If you have firewood, store it as far from the house as possible and elevate it 18” from the ground. Keep trash and other useless debris under control and properly store landscaping equipment in a designated area.

How Do I Stop Pests in My House?

Moving inside your home in a like manner by repairing any holes and gaps found. Check the windows and doors, and if you feel a breeze or see light coming through the frame, install some weather stripping. Repair any leaky pipes, faucets, and appliances. The waste baskets and trash cans should be taken out when they are full, lids kept securely closed, and they should also be washed inside and out with warm soapy water routinely. Avoid clutter especially paper products like mail, expired catalogs, and magazines as well as fabrics like piled up linens or even laundry. Go through the pantry and cupboards and clean up any spilled ingredients and crumbs. Food packaged in paper, flimsy plastic, and even cardboard can be easily gnawed through. Keep all food, including pet food, stored in durable, sealable containers.

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