What Will Repel Ants in Johnstown, CO? How to Keep Ant Infestations Out of Your House & More

When you have an ant infestation in your home, you can hardly think of anything else. You will constantly be seeing this pest trailing through your home in search of food and water. Sometimes getting rid of this pest can seem unattainable because there are so many of them. There will be cases where you can’t contain the problem on your own and it will require the help of Effective Pest Services to get the problem under control. But today, we would like to talk about some things you may have your house that might be an aide in ant control.

Does Citrus Deter Ants?

One option when dealing with ant infestation, is citrus. When you blend the peel of any citrus fruit with water to create a homemade ant repellant. The most effective citrus to get rid of ants is lemon. After you blend the peel with water, put it in a squirt bottle and spray it in places where you are constantly seeing trails of ants.

Is Sidewalk Chalk an Ant Repellent?

Ants don’t like the calcium carbonate found in sidewalk chalk and will be not crossing a line drawn in front of any entry points in your home. Simply draw a line anywhere you think ants may be gaining entry into your home, and they will not cross it. If you grind up chalk and sprinkle it in your garden area, this will also help keep away slugs and ants there as well.

What Does Cayenne Pepper Do to Ants?

When ants invade your kitchen, they are more than likely looking for foods that are high in sugar. Ants will sense the pepper and be naturally repelled by it. The pepper will let them know that there isn’t any sugar to be had in your kitchen. Sprinkle cayenne pepper in places you have seen ant activity in your kitchen to get rid of them.

How Do I Stop an Ant Infestation?

When talking about an ant infestation, prevention is the key in keeping this pest out of your home. Some ways to effectively keep ants from your home are:
1. Always keep food covered if it is out of the fridge.
2. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink for long periods of time.
3. Sweep your floors often.
4. Take out your trash at the end of each day.
5. Properly store food in your cupboards and pantry.
6. Don’t allow water to accumulate. Ants are always searching for moisture.

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