How Harmful are Wolf Spiders in Windsor, CO? How to Get Rid of & Prevent Spider Infestations

If you are like many other people you have a healthy fear of spiders. It seems that these eight legged arachnids are among the most feared of all the pests. They are a pest that you might find freighting to come across when trying to get in your house or creating a web in your garden but most of them are no cause for alarm. They are a pest that actually will feed on other pests that might be hanging around your home and yard. There are some that have venom that can be dangerous but not very often are they fatal to a healthy individual. Most spiders are more afraid of you then you are of them. You want to make sure that you understand that types of spiders that you could end up seeing when the weather changes. One that is coming out happens to be the wolf spider. Effective Pest Services outlines what you need to know about wolf spiders.

How Do You Know You Have a Wolf Spider in Your Home?

When it comes to spiders that have a scary look and could send just about anyone running the wolf spider is it. They are a spider that can be recognized from other spiders by their robust and thick shape. They happen to have a larger body with shorter legs that tend to be quite thick and make them look very large and a bit menacing. They also usually have hair on their body as well as their legs which is why they are sometimes thought to be a tarantula. They are usually a spider that is brown or grey In color and have some markings along the back of their abdomen. The wolf spider is one that can reach around one and half inches in length and which their thick nature can be considered large. They also have a set of fangs that is the reason that they were named the wolf spider. They have venom but as long as you are not allergic the danger is very minimal.

Where are Wolf Spiders Mostly Found

You might think that to spot a spider you can look for their web as a first sign. The difference with a wolf spider is that they do not create a web and actually spend the majority of their time in the ground. They hunt for prey that is found crawling around the ground in your garden, rocks, patio or home. They will find a place to hide away and when the time is right pounce on an unsuspecting pest like a cricket or cockroach.

How to Keep Wolf Spiders Away?

The first and most accurate way to keep wolf spiders away from your home is to have pest control. They are out there looking for food and if you are allowing other pests to hang around your house you are in turn attracting wolf spiders. When you remove the food source the wolf spider will be forced to move along. You can also make sure that you home has a barrier and is sealed so that the spiders are not able to find a spot to hide and nest.

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