How Likely are Mice to Carry & Spread Disease in Fort Collins, CO? How to Keep Rodents Away

When many people think about the weather season, they are filled with dread as it is often filled with endless flu and cold symptoms. When your family is struggling to stay healthy, it can be a real challenge. What many people don’t realize is that there is another health threat during the winter, mice. If mice infest your home, there are some real health threats that you need to be aware of. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about the diseases that mice carry and what you need to do to keep them out of your house this winter.

What Diseases are Spread By Mice?

While having mice in your home can cause serious damage to your property, the risk of disease is also something that should concern homeowners as well. There are several diseases that can be spread from the accumulation of mouse feces. These droppings can be incredibly dangerous. Following are some of the threats you face by both mice and their droppings:
– Hantavirus: This dangerous virus is one that can cause serious health problems for anyone that catches is. It is transmitted to people who breathe it in when cleaning up mice droppings or someone that comes in contact with their saliva or urine. It leads to symptoms like fatigue, fever, nausea, vomitting, dizziness, chills, and muscle aches.
– Bubonic Plague: This dangerous illness has resulted in nearly 1/3 of the European population’s death during the Middle Ages. It is still dangerous to people today. It is usually spread when infected fleas from mice bite someone. It usually leads to a fever, painfully swollen lymph nodes and a headache.
– Salmonellosis: Anyone who has experienced this type of food poisoning knows how miserable it makes you. Mice can cause salmonella as they contaminate the food you eat. It leads to diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain. It can be serious for severe cases.
– Rat-Bite Fever: There are some people who have lost their lives to rat bite fever. It usually happens when you come in contact with an infected rodent or eat food that has been contaminated by rodents. The symptoms include fever, vomiting, rash, and severe muscle pain.

What Can You Do to Keep Rodents Away?

The best way to ensure you don’t fall victim to one of the illnesses mentioned above is to keep mice and rats out of your house in the first place. This is done by making sure your home is properly sealed and isn’t allowing them to gain access to it. Also, make sure you are storing all of your food as well as your pet’s food in containers that mice can’t infiltrate.

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If you are concerned about mice this fall and winter, you can turn to Effective Pest Services to help ensure they don’t get into your home. If you suspect they are already in your home, we can help you get rid of them. Call us today!

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