How Likely is a Spider to Bite You in Timnath, CO & How Do I Identify a Bug, Ant, Cockroach or Pest Bite?

Imagine sitting outside enjoying the sun and you start to feel something crawling on you. You inspect the area when all of a sudden you feel a little pinch. The bug just bit you. You start thinking, are they venomous or harmless? What do you do? What will happen to the spot they just bit? In Colorado, we have many different types of bugs. So what happens when those little critters bite you? Effective Pest Services presents a helpful guide to local bugs and pests that bite below.

Do Common House Ants Bite?

Most ants can bite, but many species are harmless unless they feel threatened. When Cornfield ants, Pharaoh ants and Field ants bite they aren’t life threatening or super painful. It will just cause some itching or light stinging. But Pharaoh ants can transmit diseases, like clostridium, salmonella, and staphylococcus. Another type of ant is the carpenter ant. These ants have a very strong mouth and when they bite you it can make you bleed a little bit if it breaks the skin. Also when they bite you they can spray out some formic acid into the bite. When bitten it can feel like a sharp pinch that can be very painful. These bites will leave a red blemish on your skin.

How Likely is a Spider to Bite You?

Spiders can be scarier looking than ants. But many spiders are harmless unless they feel threatened. If they feel threatened, they can bite you. Funnel weaver spider, jumping spider, ground spiders, and wolf spiders are spiders that are less likely to bite you. If you end up getting bit, you have nothing to worry about except a red bump. Woodlouse spider, however, will not back away from a human if disturbed. They may even charge toward you. Woodlouse spiders are venomous spiders, but not usually too harmful to humans. Their bite can be painful. Brown recluse isn’t an aggressive spider, but they do bite. Their bites are not an enjoyable experience. If you get bitten, you might not notice it at first. Within a few hours you could start feeling nausea, fever, chills, and sweats. The affected area can turn a blue color surrounded by red. If you do get bit got seek medical help. Yellow sac spiders will bite you without hesitation. Though not as serious as a brown recluse spider, they do have very similar symptoms. When bitten, it might feel like a sting similar to a bee. This is then followed by redness, mild swelling, and possible blister. Black widow spiders are just as scary as a brown recluse. They are a very venomous spider species. Just like brown recluse if you get bit you might not realize it at first. But about a half hour later you could get pain, swelling, redness, increased blood pressure, difficulty breathing, stomach pain, and sweats. When bit by a black widow you should also seek medical attention.

What Other Kind of Bugs & Pests Bite?

Cockroaches, box elder bugs, crickets, Centipedes, and earwigs don’t usually bite humans unless they feel threatened. In the case of cockroaches, they won’t bite unless they can’t find enough food. If you get bit by any of these bugs you might get a red bump on the place where they bit you, but it’s nothing to really worry about.

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