What are the Potential Health Effects of Pests in Windsor, CO? Allergies, Asthma, Diseases & More

Pests aren’t just an unwelcome guest but are a potential health threat to you and your household. Certain pests can cause damage to a home while others are simply a nuisance. Then there are those pests that can lead to major illness and even life threatening conditions. Effective Pest Services will share some of the different potential health threat pests can cause, and why it is so important to maintain a proper pest control.

Allergies & Allergic Reactions to Pests

When it comes to controlling pests around the home, one of the major benefits is an allergy free home. Pests can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Cockroaches and rodents can cause a number of different air pollutants. The dead carcass of a cockroach as well as their droppings and skin flakes has been proven to affect the air. Rodents shed hair, drop dander, and leave behind urine and droppings. These too can become airborne and trigger indoor allergies. However, mild allergies aren’t the only problem. Those that can have severe allergic reactions to pests can become life threatening. Stings from bees, hornets and wasps can cause major allergic reactions. During the summer season wasps, hornets, and bees are hard at work and sometimes they can be too close to home. When you discover stinging pests on your property and you or a loved is known to have severe allergic reaction to their sting, make sure to get them off the property.

Cockroaches Can Cause Asthma & Respiratory Problems

For those with asthma and respiratory conditions, pests can pose a major threat to their wellbeing. Rodents and cockroaches, as previously mentioned, pollutes the indoor air quality. When breathing in the pollutants the body will trigger an asthma attack. Long term exposure to the pollutants caused by pests can even create respiratory conditions and illness. Respiratory infections are often the result of presence of pests. Pests can create a very unsanitary environment. For those with poor health it is essential to keep pests away from the home.

Pests Can Spread Hantavirus & Leptospirosis

Hantavirus and the Leptospirosis is a virus or a disease that is spread mostly through rodent’s urine and droppings. Both the Hantavirus and Leptospirosis can affect humans and the Leptospirosis virus can also infect dogs and cats. The Hantavirus can lead to respiratory problems, hemorrhagic fevers, and even death. The Leptospirosis is a disease that causes liver failure, swelling of the brain, and possible death if not quickly treated. Even the most healthiest of people can contract these diseases. Rodents can be a sign of major trouble in a home or business. Not only will you want to seek out professional pest control, but you will also want to systematically begin cleaning your home and be sure to disinfect all surfaces.

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Pests can be dangerous in a home. Where some pests can cause minor allergies, other pests can cause life threatening illnesses. To control or prevent pests, it is important to seek professional pest control services. They can create a perfect pest control program to ensure your home is protected. For quality pest control services, contact Effective Pest Services today.

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