How Painful are Ant & Wasp Stings in Berthoud, CO? How Do You Get Rid of Stinging Insects?

If you have spent any time outside in warm weather you most likely have been around bees, wasps and yellow jackets. If you are around them for some time you may have even suffered a sting here or there. As long as you are not allergic to the sting or the venom from the sting it can be simply an annoyance to most people. Although that is true there is a scale that tells what level pain is associated with stings and what you can expect if you suffer from one. The stings, no matter where they are on the scale, are manageable and can be treated usually at home as long as there is not an allergy. Stings can be potentially worse for a young child or senior adult that is not able to handle pain like a healthy adult might. Knowing the scale and what to expect can help you know what you might have been stung by.
Effective Pest Services explains the levels of pain below.

What Stinging Insect has the Pain Index Number 1?

If you are dealing with a sting that is minor you are at a pain scale level one. This is the lowest level and because it is there is the least amount of pain. You may experience level one pain when you are stung by an ant or more specifically a fire ant. These are a sting that does cause major pain or even enough pain to stop you in your tracks. You will feel the pain but it will be more of annoyance and it will subside in as little as two minutes. If you are in a pile of fire ants they are a bit aggressive and you may end up with several stings at the same time which could extend your pain level.

What is the 2nd Level Most Painful Insect Stings?

If you are in a situation that you are near some water like the pool you may end up with a sting from a bee. This sting is the next level in the scale and will actually stop you in most instances. The sting will commonly last around ten minutes but it could be less or more depending if you were able to get the reservoir. The sting will make you stop and check out the problem but should not lead to anything more than that. Other pests in this category are yellow jacket, honey bees and wasps.

How Bad is a Wasp Sting on the Pain Scale?

The next level of pain is the one that will cause some real intense pain if you are unlucky enough to get stung. This level of pain from a sting will cause a serious pain and can last more than 30 minutes. In some instances the pain has lasted for hours. The wingless wasp and the velvet ant are both in this level of stings. You may also come across a harvester ant that has a nasty sting.

What is a Pain Scale Level Four Sting?

The likelihood that you will be stung by something that is in the level four list is fairly low. The pests that offer the severe pain level are not found in abundance. They will include the tarantula hawk, or a warrior ant. People have said that a sting from these kinds of pests are the worst pain they have felt. The pain will over sometime wear off and you may be more cautious.

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