What Attracts Yellow Jacket Wasps & How Do I Control Yellow Jackets in My Greeley, CO Yard?

Come the spring and into the summer, some pests gain momentum and make their presence known. One major summer pest is the yellow jacket, which is a type of wasp. Yellow jackets are a rather aggressive species of wasp and are able to sting trespassers many times. For those with children and have household members that are allergic to insect stings you never want to see yellow jackets flying around your home. Effective Pest Services will share how to identify yellow jackets, what attracts them, and how to prevent these pests.

How Can You Tell if It is a Yellow Jacket?

Yellow jackets are a type of wasp that is frequently found throughout North America. They can be identified by their distinct characteristics and behavior. Here are some of the key identifying features of Yellow Jackets.
• Size and Shape: Yellow jackets are usually between ¼ to ½ an inch in length, with a slender, narrow waist and a smooth, shiny body.
• Coloration: As their name suggests, yellow jackets are mostly yellow and black in color. They have bold, alternating stripes of yellow and black on their bodies, with a distinctive pattern on their heads.
• Yellow Jacket Wings: Yellow jackets have four wings, with the front wings being longer than the back wings. Their wings often help make identifying these wasps easy.
• Behavior: Yellow jackets are known for their aggressive behavior, especially when their nests are disturbed. They are often seen buzzing around outdoor garbage cans, picnic tables, and other areas where food is present.
If you believe you have yellow jacket wasps, it’s important to exercise caution around these insects. Yellow Jackets can sting multiple times and their stings can be quite painful. If you need to remove a yellow jacket nest from your property, it’s best to contact a professional pest control company to handle the job safely.

What Attracts Yellow Jackets?

Yellow jackets may not have a nest in your yard but may be attracted to it. Yellow Jackets are attracted to a variety of things, especially during the late summer and early fall when they are more aggressive in their search for food. Here are some of the things you may be providing in your yard that will attract Yellow Jackets.
• Sweet Foods and Drinks: Yellow jackets have a bit of a sweet tooth and are attracted to sugary foods and drinks, such as fruit, soda, and other sweetened beverages.
• Meat: Yellow jackets also have a taste for meat. Yellow Jackets are attracted to meat, especially if there is any rotting or decaying meat.
• Garbage: Yellow jackets are also attracted to garbage that may be containing food scraps.
• Flowers: Yellow jackets also like the nectar from flowers. Flowers that are brightly colored with a strong floral scent is a particular favorite of Yellow jackets.
• Perfumes and Lotions: Yellow jackets may at times be attracted to the scent of perfumes and lotions, as they contain sweet or floral fragrances.

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To avoid attracting yellow jackets, it’s important to keep your outdoor eating areas clean and free of food debris, and to dispose of garbage and waste materials properly. If you are eating outdoors, consider using a lid or cover to keep your food and drinks protected from yellow jackets. If you discover that you have yellow jackets swarming your yard or you discover a nest near your home, seek professional pest services right away. They can safely get rid of yellow jackets and ensure your yards are sting and pest free! For quality pest control, contact Effective Pest Services today.

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