How to Keep Bugs Attracted to Light from Flying into Your Severance, CO Cool House this Summer

The summer months are filled with so many wonderful things! Your kids are out of school so you are able to spend some extra quality family time together. The sun stays out for longer each and every day so you can enjoy being outside for longer each day. Swimming season is in full swing and you can have fun staying cool in the water. With all of the perks there are a few drawbacks to the summer season. One drawback is that the warmer weather brings out more bugs. How do you keep all of those bugs out of your home? Effective Pest Services offers helpful tips below.

Home Sealing for Pest Control

There are a few things you can do to help keep the bugs out of your home this summer. First before the summer starts you will want to take time to check all your window and door sealing. Just like you to go inside your cool home bugs do too. They will come into your home through any source possible in an attempt to get out of the heat. Many times bugs crawl in through the cracks in your sealing. It is extremely simple to effectively seal your doors and windows. You can visit your local home improvement store to purchase the products that you will need to complete the project. Do not forget your garage door.

Keep Front & Back Door Closed to Keep Out Pests

Another way you can keep the bugs out of your home is to teach your family to keep the doors closed at all times. This is helpful not only during the summer but throughout the year as well; but during the summer it is extra helpful. As stated above bugs like to come into your home during the summer to escape the summer heat. When you open your door they will try to come inside as quickly as they can.

Why Are Bugs Attracted to Light?

You may have noticed that in the evening bugs seem like they are trying to fly into your home quicker than you can shut your door. You have probably also noticed that the bugs by your door are hanging out by the lights inside and outside your home. Are bugs actually attracted to the light or does it just feel that way? Bugs are indeed attracted to the light. Scientists do not have a simple explanation for this. They do have several theories though. One theory about why bugs are attracted to the light is a phenomenon called phototaxis. Phototaxis explains how organisms respond to light with motion. Many insects are said to be positively phototactic. They use natural light to help them navigate. They are coming to your light because they are trying to find their way. When they see artificial light they get confused and extremely frustrated. They will circle around your lights trying to navigate to where they want to go but are unable to because it is not natural light.

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Hopefully employing these tactics will help you keep the bugs out of your home this summer. You will want to make sure that you combine this with our services here at Effective Pest Services. We can come out and treat your home on a regular basis that will help keep those bugs away as well. Contact us today!

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