Why are Roaches Worse in Summer in Johnstown, CO? Breeding Season & Hot Weather Send into Homes

When it comes to changing seasons there are aspects that really help distinguish each one. The cold temperatures with falling snow can help you realize that winter is here. When there are beautiful leaves that are changing color and falling off the trees, the fall season has arrived. The longer days with full sun is summer while new growth says spring. These are all things that you can use to determine what season it is. Another thing you can use is the types of pests that are trying to get into your house! Although there are some pests that will span all seasons, most of them have a peak season where they become a bigger problem than other parts of the year. When it comes to the summer months there is one pest that really starts to try and take over. The nasty cockroach is one of the pests that you need to be on the look out this summer. There are several species that you may find in your house such as German, American and Oriental cockroaches. They all have their own characteristics but they have some things that are in common. That is that they will thrive in the summer. Effective Pest Services outlines what makes cockroaches love spending the summer months in your home the best.

Summer is the Breeding Season for Cockroaches

As soon as the warmer months start to set in the adult cockroaches will start to breed. They can lay hundreds of eggs in the summer months and they do that so their young can survive. The young will fair much better when the weather is warmer because their metabolism is higher when it is warm. That means that they are able to grow faster and start the process all over again. They are able to continue to breed which is why you may start to see many cockroaches in your home when the weather warms up.

Cockroaches Like Heat But Hate the Sun

An interesting thing is that cockroaches do love those hot summer temperatures but they don’t love the sunshine. You will be hard pressed to find cockroaches out in your home during the daylight hours. They are likely to be hiding in the day so that the sun is not hitting them. When the sun drops they will start to come out in search of food and water or moisture. The sun is something that will actually cause the cockroach to dry out and they need the moisture to survive.

Roaches Prefer Warm Weather

The weather is interesting in a way that it will be extremely hot for weeks then a cold wave will come in. One these cooler nights when the weather cools off you will be less likely to see the cockroaches out as much as you would in the hot months. The hotter the weather the better it is for a cockroach and their offspring to survive.

What Keeps Cockroaches Away?

Now that you know the summer months will bring out the roaches you want to make sure that you keep food and water kept up. Clean after meals and close the lid on your trash cans. You also want to keep any leaks and moisture build up under control which is a huge draw for cockroaches. Lastly make sure that you hire a pest control service.

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