How to Protect Home from Pests in Evans, CO? Role of Homeowner & Professional Pest Control Company

When practicing proper pest control, it is important to have completed all of the proper steps. Pest control is a duel partnership between the pest control service and the homeowner. The homeowner must play their part in preventing and deterring pests and the pest control service will help guarantee it. Effective Pest Services would like to explain the partnership between homeowner and pest control services for a pest free home.

What a Homeowner Can Do to Protect Home from Pests

The homeowner has an important role in controlling pests. Pests come in many shapes and sizes. You will find insects, spiders, rodents, birds and other life forms invading your home and its surroundings. When it comes to controlling pests, it is essential to avoid supplying any source of food, water, shelter and/or nesting sites for reproduction. Unfortunately, the pest control service can’t do this very first and important step to pest control. As there are a number of pests, it can be difficult to deny them all of the essential needs of life. However, by reducing most of the them, it gives you a better chance for a successful pest control program. Most pests require water, so your first step as the homeowner is to prevent leaking, puddles and other common water sources for pests to drink. Once you diligently work to prevent an available water source, the next step is to deny them food. Again, there are a variety of pests that have different sources of food. Some pests will feed on human or pet foods, others feed on wood, nectar, plants and other insects. Start with the easiest and don’t leave discarded food from your household out where pests can eat them. Some pests love pet food, so avoid leaving pet food out for pests to eat them, especially outside. By reducing the food, you leave out, you will help reduce a number of pests. The next step is to avoid shelter or nesting grounds. Most pests love piles of yard waste, clutter, firewood piles, and debris to hide in. The cleaner you clean the outside and inside of your home, the less pests there will be. This also includes maintaining a manicured yard. Lastly, maintain your home. Look for areas where pests both big and very small can enter. Make sure to keep your home properly sealed to keep the pests out.

Role of Pest Control Company

It may seem like a long list of chores for the homeowner. However, the pest control service can better play their part when the homeowner does theirs. A pest control service can routinely come to a home and apply insecticide or pesticides which help keep the pests out and away from the home if they come too close. A pest control service can also help treat a pest infestation using various methods. Some of the common methods use traps, baits, and deterrents and/or repellents. Wasp and bee nests can be removed as well as wildlife. Some pest control services also provide inspection to better defend the home from the current and local problems they may be facing. Even with the best efforts of the homeowner, they can’t keep pests out on their own.

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