How Will You Protect Yourself from Getting Stung By Bees & Wasps like Yellow Jacket & Hornet Insects in Berthoud, CO?

If you have been stung by a bee or wasp, you know that it is something that you want to avoid at all costs. No one wants to undergo this painful experience if they can avoid it. There are several ways you can avoid stings when it comes to stinging insects. Effective Pest Services is here to share some ways that you can make yourself less appealing to stinging insects and avoid their painful stings completely.

Be Calm if a Bee or Wasp Lands on You

Any time see a wasp or a bee land on you, it can be alarming. Most people want to get rid of them as soon as possible, and this leads to jerky motions and swatting. When you do this, it is alarming to the insect and they are more likely to sting you. The better way to deal with a wasp or bee that lands on you is to softly blow in their direction and that will help them move on without feeling threatened. Or you can just hold still and they will likely move on as they realize they don’t really have any need for you.

Wearing Perfume Can Attract Bees & Wasps

There are many scented lotions and perfumes that imitate the smell of certain flowers. While these smells may be pleasant, they also attract stinging insects that are naturally attracted to flowers. Try wearing unscented lotions that will seem less appealing to these dangerous insects when you are spending time outside.

What Colors are Bees, Yellow Jackets, Hornets & Wasps Least Attracted To?

If you look like a flower and smell like a flower, stinging insects are more likely to think you are a flower. Avoid wearing bright colors that often are the same colors as the flowers in your garden. When you wear more muted tones, it can help you avoid stinging insects that may mistake you for the flower that they are looking for.

Don’t Leave Soda Open Outside as it Attracts Stinging Insects

It can be an unwelcome surprise when you go to take a drink of your soda or juice only to find that a bee or wasp has crawled inside to get a drink themselves. They will be highly attracted to this sweet nectar and will often try and sneak a drink which leads to them getting stuck in the can. If you aren’t actively drinking your soda, it is better to get rid of it if you see bees and wasps buzzing around.

Don’t Leave Food Out that Attracts Bees & Wasps

Did you know that wasps are actually attracted to meat and proteins more than they are sugary substances? If you have left out food from your BBQ, you will likely see wasps that start swarming in search of their next meal as well. Put the food away promptly after finishing to avoid this problem.

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