Is it Better to Hire Pest Control Company for Aggressive Wasp Removal or Do it Yourself in Masonville, CO

Wasps are notorious around the globe. They are capable of delivering extremely painful stings, and unlike bees who sting you once and they die, wasps continue their assault in their vast numbers until they are satisfied the threat is neutralized. We at Effective Pest Services would like to elaborate on the wasps in Northern Colorado to help you better identify them and how to deal with them.

Types of Wasps Found in Colorado

Throughout Colorado, there are three main types of wasps which include bald-faced hornets, paper wasps, and yellowjackets, which are often confused with bees. Because they are fairly difficult to distinguish from bumblebees and honeybees which are also yellow, yellowjackets account for somewhere around 90% of all reported bee stings. People thinking of hornets which are larger than bees and yellowjackets when most people think of wasps. Yellowjackets are a type of wasp and they account for the majority of emergency room or urgent care visits, nonetheless.

Are Wasps Aggressive?

The most aggressive species of wasp are bald-faced hornets. Though they will sting if under threat, paper wasps are considered the least aggressive. Being much more prevalent than other species of wasp, yellowjackets fall somewhere in between.

Which is Worse; A Bee or a Wasp?

Wasps are insects in the order hymenoptera and sub-order apocrita, scientifically speaking. Despite being related to bees, there are a number of key differences. The differences between a yellowjacket and a bee is difficult for homeowners. Yellowjackets are in fact wasps. Surviving on either plant nectar or other insects, wasps are omnivorous creatures, where bees are vegetarians and survive on plant nectar alone. When compared to bees, wasps are far more dangerous. All wasps can sting multiple times while most bees usually only have one sting in them, as I mentioned. People are in trouble when they get too close to a swarm. The piñata method is ill-advised when you find a nest. A blunt force strike to the nest is immediately recognized to wasps a threat to their colony, which can lead many on the emergency room.

Is it Better to Hire Pest Control Company for Wasp Removal or Do it Yourself?

Being just as protective of their nests as humans are of their homes, wasps react quickly. Special precautions and equipment that reduces the danger to the individual removing the nest is required to remove a wasp nest. Though you can logistically purchase this equipment yourself, it is pricy, and you still have a risk. Remove the danger minimizing the risk to ourselves, you, and your family by calling the professionals of Effective Pest Services. Your home makes a perfect location for a wasp colony in many ways. People don’t want wasps setting up a nest in their homes. There are three types of wasps’ nests that include mud daubers, paper or wood pulp nests, and underground nests and each these requires a specific removal technique.

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If in the event you find that you have a wasp nest of any kind on your Loveland, CO property, call in the professionals of Effective Pest Services and let our certified experts assist you. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure the wasps are removed safely and efficiently.

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