Is it Common to Get Mice in Spring in Windsor, CO? How Fast Can a Mouse Infestation Happen?

It is no secret that mice are one of the biggest pest issues in the winter months. They are often looking for a warm place that they duck into to survive coldest months of the year. Your home offers all the things that a mouse needs to survive: water, food, warmth and a place to build their nests. They can make themselves at home in no time if they find a way into your house. Mice can be a pain during the winter which can leave homeowners wondering if they will move on once the weather starts to warm up. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about mouse behavior and what you can expect this spring.

How Fast Can a Mice Infestation Happen?

Mice are one of those creatures that is able to reproduce quite rapidly. When they give birth to their babies, they are able to get pregnant almost immediately afterwards. This means that they will just continually have babies until you are overrun with mice in your home. This is one of the reasons that it is so important to have mice removed from your home as soon as you notice that there are signs that they are living there.

Will Mice Go Away when it Gets Warm?

Since mice invade your home when the weather turns cold, it would only make sense for them to leave when the weather gets warm again right? That isn’t likely. If they have found your home to be hospitable for them, they aren’t going to leave until you push them out. If they have found a way to get inside your home, they will come and go as they please while they have babies and their population continues to grow. Mice communicate using pheromones; so if they are coming and going, it will surely attract other mice to let them know that there is an opening into the house. This is another way that a mouse infestation can grow rapidly.

How to Tell if You have Mice in Your Walls & Home

There will be several signs present when you have a mouse problem. Here are some that you should be watching for:
– Rodent Droppings: Mice leave behind small droppings that look similar to brown pieces of rice. They will leave them behind anywhere that they go in your home.
– Chewing: There might be chewing marks in your home on the walls, wiring, furniture, boxes and other items as mice are chewers.
– Scratching Sounds: You will more than likely be able to hear mice during the nighttime hours when they are the most active. Don’t be surprised if it is in the ceiling and inside your walls.

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