How Do I Stop Ants from Coming in My Timnath, CO House? Home Pest Sealing & More

When the weather changes it affects many different areas. Outdoor activities, plant life, clothing options, and more all change with the seasons. The bugs that are out and about also change from one season to the next. With winter coming to its official end in less than a month, the bugs that we are dealing with here will begin to change. One insect that you will start to see more as the weather begins to warm up is ants. Since no one wants to have ants in their home, Effective Pest Services wants to give you some tips on how you can keep ants out!

Pest Treatment

One of the best ways to keep ants out of your home is to make sure that they cannot get in. There are many different things that you can do to help with this, but one of the most effective is to have Effective Pest Services come out and spray your home. The products that we use are extremely affective in helping your home stay as pest free as possible.

Home Pest Sealing

Another way that you can prevent ants from getting into your house is seal off cracks and entrances to your home. Ants are excellent at getting into your home through tiny cracks. You should definitely check around your doors and windows to see if there are cracks that ants or other pests can get through. Simply caulk these cracks to eliminate the entrance points that you see so that ants cannot get into your home.

Remove Outside Ant Food Sources

Our third tip is something that you can do both inside and outside your home. Ants frequently come near your home looking for a source of food. Your garbage is one of the biggest sources of food that an ant can find. Even though you would not eat food out of your garbage, ants consider this food a feast. Effective Pest Services recommends that you have lids on your garbage cans both inside and outside your home. Lids will prevent the ants from being able to get to an easy food source inside your garbage can.

Clean Kitchen to Keep Ants Away

If ants are able to find a way into your home they will immediately start looking for food. Your pantry is an obvious place for them to start foraging for food. When they go into your pantry it will help if they cannot get into any of your food. Storing items that are normally in open boxes in plastic containers with sealed lids is a great way to prevent ants from infesting your home. The most commonly used items that are best stored in these plastic containers are cereal and crackers. You will also want to make sure that bags of chips are sealed up as well as they can be when you put them in your pantry.

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Following all of these tips will help your home from becoming infested with ants. Sometimes even after careful prevention measures ants will find their way into your home. If this happens to you Effective Pest Services can help you take care of them.

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