Is Pest Control Necessary in Winter in Wellington, CO? How to Keep Pests Away from Your House All Year!

No homeowner wants to have their home infested by pests of any kind. Unfortunately, even though we don’t think about pests until they have infiltrated our homes, it is far better to prevent the problem rather than try to combat an infestation. While most people don’t think much about pests other than during the summer months, you should be keeping them out of your home throughout the entire year. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about the importance of pest control throughout all four seasons to stay on top of any pest problems you may have.

Do You Need to Spray for Bugs in the Spring?

Is there anything more thrilling than the rebirth that spring brings to us? The thought of all the plants waking up after a long summer and temperatures warm enough to spend some time outside is exciting. While the world is waking up after winter, insects and pests are also starting to reemerge as well. Some pests that you might start to notice an increased activity from is cockroaches, ants and stinging insects like wasps and hornets. Spring is the season that many pests like carpenter ants start to swarm and cause problems for homeowners. Staying on top of this activity is key.

Control Pest in Your Home During Summer

Pest season will be in full swing during the summer months. Several different pests are going to be establishing their nests and their colonies. Some of which will be looking to get into your home and others will be happy building a huge nest outside on your property. No matter where they are building, you don’t want them to. There are several exclusion methods that can be used to keep them off your property and out of your life during this time while the weather is so nice.

Keep Pests Away from Your House in Fall Season

You have to be diligent in keeping pests out of your house as the weather starts to turn during the fall season. They will be trying harder than ever to get in. Your home offers them the three things that most pests need to survive, food, warmth and water. Pests that are particularly a problem include rodents, spiders, roaches and beetles. You need to take this time before the first snowfall to find any gaps, cracks or other openings that pests can weasel their way in through.

Do You Need Pest & Rodent Control in the Winter?

Most homeowners let down their guard during the winter. This is a mistake. If there are any mice or rats that have gotten into your home somehow, they can do significant damage to your home as they chew their way through wires and build their nests in your walls. Their urine and feces can cause significant health risks as well.

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