Rodent Exclusion in Loveland, CO; Inspection, Pest Sealing & More to Mouse or Rat Proof a House

In addition to pest inspections and pest control services, Effective Pest Services offer rodent exclusion services AKA rodent proofing as we work with home and business owners to ensure their properties are mice, rat and rodent free. Today, we would like to elaborate on rodent exclusion processes. Through rodent exclusion services, we help prevent rodent invasions by identifying and sealing potential entry points for rodents and thereby eliminating their access to your home or business.

How Rodent Proofing Works

In the rodent exclusion process, there are a few steps. Make sure you are meticulous in how you approach each step if performing these steps on your own. Weak protective measures can be compromised as rodents find their way through them. Be certain you work with someone you can trust to identify and seal off all potential entry points if hiring a company to perform rodent proofing on your behalf.

How to Mouse or Rat Proof a House

Generally, rodent exclusion service includes the following steps below.
1) Rodent Inspection. Inspecting the area is the first part of rodent proofing any home. During this process we keep our eyes out for the telltale signs that rodents have invaded your space. Rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter and mice just the size of a dime. Signs include droppings, chewed packaging, nesting materials, or any holes or openings. In your attic or walls, you may also be hearing sounds of rodent activity.
2) Identifying Rodent Access Points. We identify weaknesses in your home’s protective barriers through our inspection process, such as entryways where rodents can make their way into and out of your home. These access points can be hard to spot to the untrained and inexperienced eye. Due to their wily nature, and dexterous attributes, rats, mice, and other rodents can fit through very small openings and even scale walls. To identify all entry points rodents could be using, it often takes a professional eye – someone with years of experience.
3) Home Pest Sealing. Professionals work to shore up those weaknesses and seal off entry points, closing off rodents’ abilities to make their way into your home once weaknesses have been identified. Through closing up holes and/or reinforcing weak barriers, we can stop rodents from gaining access to your property. To ensure your home is 100% rodent-proof, the sealing process could require insulation replacement and repair.
4) Attic Cleanup. For homeowners that have dealt with a rodent infestation, we always recommend an attic cleanup. This ensures any hazardous rodent droppings are removed and the space is fully decontaminated. In addition to eliminating odors that could attract new rodents, this process keeps your family safe and healthy.
5) Rodent Activity Monitoring. Especially if you have had rodent problems before since rodents are pesky pests that find and create ways to burrow into your home, we recommend ongoing monitoring. This monitoring comes included in our standard pest control service.

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