Pest Control FAQ in Berthoud, CO; Are Chemicals Used By Exterminators Safe, How Do I Keep Mice Away & More

Pest control has its uses. From dealing with small intruders to heavy infestations as well as maintenance to keep the pests from coming inside homes and business, pest control is a highly beneficial service when performed by a professional. But like any industry, consumers have their many questions. As a result, we at Effective Pest Services would like to take the opportunity to answer the most common of the frequently asked questions.

Q: Is Doing Your Own Pest Control Worth It?

There are some department store pesticides that can solve a few immediate circumstances. DIY options are not the answer for long term deterrents. The pesticides available to the public have to stay within safety guidelines; making them weak, diluted, and more often than not, ineffective on different insects. Professional pest control personnel are trained and licensed to handle more potent products that are for more efficient. Not only can professionals remove any infestations, but we can significantly minimize the pests that get in if at all, making professional pest control a more cost effective investment with maximum results.

Q: Are Chemicals Used By Exterminators Safe?

Where professional grade products are more potent, they are safe when properly handled. All equipment and products are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Pest control chemicals, as with any chemical, is toxic in nature, but properly applied in safe quantities, the products tough on pests but safe around children and pets.

Q: Are Black Ants Harmful to My House?

There are different species of ants that can be black, but a very common black ant infesting homes is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants often get confused with termites and though they are not quite as destructive as termites, they still cause costly damages. Carpenter ants live in wood, and though they do not eat wood like termites, they tunnel through the interior, causing the wood to become weak. If you have black ants, it is better to play it safe and call for professional help to confirm their type and get them removed as soon as possible.

Q: What Keeps Mice from Coming in Your House?

Mice are small, often only needing a hole the size of a quarter to slip through and being acid climbers, they can scale buildings and find a way inside from the roof down. The first preventative step is to assess the exterior of your home from top to bottom and seal any cracks or holes, especially the damage around windows, doors, ventilation openings, and utility lines. Keep all food properly sealed in pest proof containers, secure trash cans with lids, and keep a tidy home. Not only will this help you avoid mice, but other pests as well.

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