What is the Best Way to Prevent Pests in Estes Park, CO? Eliminate Food & Water Sources, Pest Control & More

There are a number of different pests that infiltrate our homes, from crawling and flying insects to arachnids, and rodents. Pests share common characteristics and habits, as well as have their own unique quirks. Generally, when a pest comes into your home, unless it was inadvertently brought in, they come inside looking for food, water, and an effort to escape extreme weather conditions. To minimize the pests coming into your home, keeping up on maintenance and eliminating what they need is key. With that in mind, we at Effective Pest Services would like to take an opportunity to share some tips and suggestions on how to minimize the pests from infesting your home.

Eliminate Food & Water Sources from Pests

Eliminating the majority of the sources for food and water can help reduce the pests from staying. The closer outside they get to your house, the more likely they are to come inside. Start outside your removing the water and food sources you can. Trash cans should be tightly sealed with pest-proof lids. Be sure to keep your trash cans located away from the home if possible and periodically clean the exterior and interior out with hot soapy water. Any pet food kept outside should be contained in sealable containers and remove standing water. Repair any leaky hoses, faucets, or pipes and keep pools covered when not in use.

Does Cutting Grass Keep Bugs Away?

Perform some heavy duty landscape grooming while we are outside, such as keep grass maintained, prune trees, and trim bushes away from the house. For many pests, vegetation is a natural habitat and as the plants and trees get close to your home, it gives the pests more opportunity to gain entry to your house. Remove the clutter by disposing of yard clippings and trashing any useless debris. Organize firewood away from the home and 18” from the ground. Pests are attracted to clutter for potential protection it offers.

Home Pest Sealing

Conduct an inspection of structure from the foundation up to the roof and check for any damage, holes, cracks, and gaps. Evaluate the ventilation and utility lines as they should be secured with mesh coverings and caulk added to cracks and gaps. Check the windows and doors and if the weather stripping needs replacing, be sure to it.

Pest Proof Pantry & Clean Crumbs

After the maintenance and cleaning on the exterior is completed, move inside. Check the cupboards and pantry; clean out the crumbs and loose food. Any packaged food in flimsy plastics, paper, or cardboard should be transferred into sealable containers to prevent contamination and avoid the pest’s attraction. Pet food should also be stored in sealable containers.

Decluttering to Remove Pest Nesting Areas

Go through your home and remove any clutter of paper products, like mail and magazines, as well as fabrics such as piles of blankets any piles of laundry. Pests will look to nest in many of these clutter-like places.

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Be sure to invest in professional pest control services. Professionals like Effective Pest Services can assess your home’s location and consider the common pests that are prone to the area. From there, we can develop a customized maintenance control plan to the pests most likely to invade, in addition to being readily available to eliminate any infestations. Call the experts of Effective Pest Services if you have problems with pest infestation or if you want a planned pest control maintenance solution.

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