Rodents in Spring; Will Rats & Mice Leave My House when it Gets Warm in Berthoud, CO?

It is common knowledge that rodents often infest homes during the winter season as they seek for refuge from the plummeting temperatures that are often the norm. If they get inside your house, they can wreak havoc. Not only is there an increased risk of disease, but there is also damage to your home that you should be worried about. Getting them out of your house should be a high priority for any homeowner. However, what about when the weather starts to warm up? Will they stay in your home forevermore? Effective Pest Services is here to talk about what rodents do when the spring season gets here.

Mice Prefer the Outdoors

When the weather is warm, most rodents prefer to live outside. Even though this is the case, that doesn’t mean that rodents who have established themselves inside your home will be anxious to get back outside. They will certainly spend some time in the outdoors once the weather warms up, but they will probably not completely leave your home either. They will continue to nest and have babies inside your house if you let them. Even when your attic gets hot during the summer, they will more than likely just find a cooler part of the house to set up shop in.

Spring Behavior for Mice

It is important for homeowners to understand what the spring season means for mice. This is going to be the season where the most breeding takes place. They will repopulate like crazy during the spring season like many other animals. This is why it is so important to get them out before spring hits. When they start to breed at hyper speed, you don’t want to have them inside the walls of your home while they do it. In a matter of weeks, you could go from a couple of mice to dozens of them.

Signs of Mice in Your House

The trick to keeping mice out of your house is to know what to look for that indicate mice have gotten inside. Here are some of the signs that mice will often leave behind.
– You will more than likely notice that there are droppings around the house that they have left behind. They usually show up in places where they are getting food and water.
– You might smell something like ammonia that is often present when there are mice because of the urine.
– It is common to see chew marks in your home where they have chewed on different surfaces including the wiring in your house.
– Sometimes, you might catch a glimpse of the mice themselves.

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